Baby Calculators

baby calculators

Ah, parenthood. This is most likely the most important and longest journey you will ever take in your life. Whether you are simply starting on this path or are already holding your little bundle of joy, you will no doubt be full of worries and questions as well as much excitement. We at would like to help make your journey through pregnancy and into actual parenthood as stress-free as possible by providing you with tools that are informative and entertaining.

Throughout your pregnancy, you will be beset by many questions ranging from your baby’s name to financial concerns. Our tools can help you answer some, if not all of them, easing your stress and even providing a springboard for your imagination. Naming your baby can become as easy as 1,2,3 with our Baby Name Generator and Baby Name Comparator. We have tools that can help you prepare for your baby such as our First Year Baby Cost Calculator and Blood Type Calculator. And for your entertainment, we even have tools for predicting personality and gender such as our Chinese Zodiac Calculator, Chinese Birth Chart, and Baby Personality Test.

Going through pregnancy is a cakewalk compared to being a parent. It takes a lot of hard work especially if you are just new at it. You worry about your baby’s health and development. You compare him to other babies and feel stressed if you think your baby isn’t growing fast enough. Some parents become stressed as well because other people tell them that their baby looks underweight or small (believe me, we know!). To help ease your mind, we at are giving you the opportunity to learn about WHO growth charts, how to use them, and how you can track your baby’s development without having to rely on the doctor or other babies’ appearances all the time. Try out our popular Baby Weight Percentile Calculator, Baby BMI Calculator, and Baby Height Percentile Calculator.

Aside from all of those, we also have other baby calculators as well as articles that will inform you about what else you need to know about your baby and his or her needs. You can play around with our fun facts calculators as well. With our baby calculators, you’ll never have to wonder and worry so much, making your parenthood easy and fun!