Baby Eye Color Calculator

Chances are you’ve been wondering what your baby will look like when he or she comes out including what your baby’s eye color will be. Our baby eye color calculator can help you see the likelihood of what color eyes your child will have and give you a feature you can add to your vision of what to expect once you give birth.


Parent A eye color:
Parent B eye color:


Some parents are surprised when their baby’s eye color is blue and both of them have brown eyes. While parents’ eye colors do determine what the baby’s eye color will be, it isn’t as simple as brown + brown = brown. There are several other factors that will influence what the outcome will be. Our eye color calculator makes the calculations for you with these factors in mind but it’s still best for you to first understand what they are.

Eye color is a polygenic trait which means that it is determined by a number of genes. These genes are either homozygous, both alleles of the gene are the same, or heterozygous, one allele is dominant and another is recessive. In order to calculate the probability of what eye color your baby will have, the eye color calculator takes into consideration your eye colors and whether or not you and your spouse are carrying homozygous or heterozygous genes. Brown is the most dominant color followed by green. Blue is the most recessive color. Once you input your eye colors into the eye color predictor, it calculates the possible gene combinations based on the possible type of gene each of the parents is carrying. Since it is quite difficult to determine what type of gene you and your spouse have, the calculator gives you the probabilities from both homozygous genes and heterozygous genes.

What do these all mean? Here’s an example: if you and your spouse both have brown eyes, it only means that you both carry the dominant gene that gives you a brown eye color. But there’s still a possibility that you, your spouse, or both carry a recessive gene like the eye color blue. Thus, there is still a possibility that your baby will have blue eyes though it is more likely that your baby will have brown eyes.

While it certainly isn’t necessary to your pregnancy or your baby’s health to learn what your baby’s eye color will be, it definitely adds to your anticipation and helps you form that much loved image in your mind while you wait for your baby to come out. So, enjoy!


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