Best Power Foods for Your Baby

Best Power Foods for BabyAs you start introducing solids to your baby, you will probably want to keep a list of power foods handy. You can easily prepare healthy food for babies at home!

1. Carrots

Carrots are well-known for their beta-carotene content, which, once transformed into vitamin A, aids in the development of good eyesight. Start out with steamed pieces and mash or puree them. Babies are usually receptive to carrots because they are naturally sweet, so it won’t be hard getting your child his dose of vitamin A at all.

2. Bananas

Bananas are a popular food for babies because they are so easy to mash and because kids usually love them. Aside from being an excellent source of potassium, a banana also has a high fiber content, which will help your child’s digestive system manage, especially now that it has to adjust to solid food. Bananas also provide a carbohydrate boost, giving your kids the much-needed energy for exploration at this exciting stage.

3. Sweet Potatoes

Just like bananas, sweet potatoes also have a good mount of potassium and fiber. Did you know, though, that they are also rich in vitamin C? This makes them a great choice for baby food, especially since their sweet taste makes them another kiddie favorite.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli is chock-full of nutrients: iron, folate, vitamins, and even calcium! No wonder our parents would always make us finish our broccoli. Start your kid’s love for veggies early. You can steam and puree broccoli, and even add it to mashed potato for a creamy treat. For older babies and toddlers, you can simply break soft pieces into small florets.

5. Avocados

The avocado is filling, easy to prepare, and is a very healthy food for babies. Your growing child needs protein, and avocados can provide a substantial percentage of this need for the day. The monounsaturated fat content of this creamy fruit also makes it ideal for growing kids.

6. Eggs

Eggs are in the list of power foods for babies because aside from their protein content, they are also an excellent source of choline for brain development, B12, and other vitamins, such as A, D, and E. Check with your pediatrician to find out if you can start feeding your baby eggs without the fear of getting an allergy.

7. Fish

Fish is another power food for babies. Aside from protein, some varieties of fish, like salmon, are rich in DHA, which aids in brain development. DHA also keeps your child’s immune system strong, so it’s a good idea to incorporate this into his diet.

8. Red meat

Red meat seems an unlikely power food for babies, but it can be introduced a few months into your solid feeding program. As long as it is prepared well, ensuring that the pieces are ground or pureed for easy swallowing, it is one of the richest sources of iron that you can give your child, who needs it for healthy red blood cells.

9. Yogurt

Yogurt is a good source of calcium, which your baby needs for his growing teeth and bones. It also contains microorganisms which aid in digestion, and can thus be helpful now that your child’s digestive system has to handle a greater variety of food. Do make sure that you steer away from added sugar and that your child is not lactose intolerant before feeding him yogurt.

10. Leafy Greens

Spinach was Popeye’s power food of choice, and for good reason. Spinach, as well as kale and collard greens, are some examples of dark green, leafy veggies that are rich in iron, as well as folate.

Wanting the best for our kids includes providing them with the right nutrition. Preparing these power foods is a delicious way of doing that!


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