Tips on Buying Organic Baby Food

Tips on Buying Organic Baby Food
Are you trying to decide which organic baby food is best for your child? Well, get ready to be overwhelmed by the thousands of organic baby products that you can choose from – all of them claiming to be the best. But don?t let this discourage you from going organic. If you want to be sure that you are always feeding your baby healthy baby food, having a wide array of choices is actually a good thing, right?

Below are some tips to help you in your quest for organic baby food:

  • Be aware of what the three levels of organic foods are.

Just because it says ?organic? doesn?t mean it is 100 percent organic. But, what does 100 percent organic mean? It means that the ingredients used and the processes they underwent before they became baby food comply with the organic standards of the regulatory board. ?Look for the USDA seal and ?100% Organic? label if you only want to buy baby food products that are 100% organic.?The label ?organic? plus the USDA seal means that at least 95 percent of the ingredients used to make the baby food is organic. A product with a “Made with Organic Ingredients” label has at least 70 percent organic ingredients. This is still a healthy baby food product even though it does not bear the USDA seal.


  • When you are out to buy baby food products, do check the labels.

Be sure that the product has a safe sugar level. If you find the words fructose, glucose, maltose, or sucrose, then you can bet that the food has sugar in it. There is too much sugar in the food if more than 20% of the food?s calories/serving is from sugar according to the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Water and thickeners in the baby food should also be minimal to none. Water and thickeners can negatively affect the nutritional balance in any food. The nutritional value of the organic baby food is therefore lessened.


  • Shop online for the best deals in organic baby food.

Many organic baby food products can be found in online stores and even on the product manufacturer?s website. This allows you to compare prices and deals in the comfort of your own home. It also provides you with a much wider selection of organic baby food than what your local stores may have. Thus, you can be assured that your baby is getting a wide variety of tastes and nutrition that he or she needs.


  • If you?re buying locally, make sure that you first compare the prices and offerings in each store.

Different supermarkets can carry different brands and also offer different prices and/or deals. Keeping an eye on the prices of your baby’s preferred products will help you save some money and still be able to give your child healthy baby food. Don?t forget to check out any stores that specialize in natural, organic foods as they may offer a wider variety and help you ?spice up? your baby?s menu. Buying in bulk during sales is also a great way to save some money. Just make sure that you always check the expiration dates of each item so you don?t get any that will be thrown out soon enough.


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