Why Homemade Baby Food Is Best for Your Baby

Homemade Baby Food is Best

Did you know that Jessica Alba feeds Haven (her one-year-old baby) homemade baby food? Yes, THE sexy celebrity mom Jessica Alba takes time to puree, label, and freeze healthy baby food for Haven. Why would busy moms like Alba go through the hassle of preparing their own baby food? The answer is simple. They strongly believe that the baby food they prepare themselves is the best baby food for their babies.


Why You Too Should Feed Your Baby Homemade Baby Food

  • You get 100% assurance that you are feeding your baby fresh, nutritious, and natural baby food.

Preparing your baby?s food yourself means you get to choose the freshest, most nutritious and pesticide-free/safest fruits and vegetables in the grocery store. By properly cooking and labeling your prepared healthy baby food, you are assured that your baby is eating what he should be eating.


  • You get more value for your money.

Pre-packaged and all-natural baby foods are sold at exorbitant prices. You will therefore get more out of your money by buying fresh and in season fruits and vegetables and making your own natural baby food. It also doesn’t hurt that you’ll save a whole lot more in the long run.


  • You get your baby into the habit of eating healthy food.

Babies learn to love foods and tastes that become familiar to their taste buds. Thus, by constantly feeding them nutritious and healthy homemade baby food at the earliest possible age, you get to jumpstart your baby?s penchant for healthy foods.


  • You get to help your baby stay away from additives and preservatives.

Additives are used to help give or maintain taste in jarred foods, while preservatives are used to prolong the shelf life of pre-packaged baby foods. The next time you visit the store, check the labels of jarred baby foods and you will realize that they contain additives and preservatives which may be harmful to your baby?s health.


So what are you waiting for? Start preparing your own baby food now. It might not be the most convenient but homemade baby food is definitely the best baby food. And doesn’t your baby deserve the best?


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