Baby Height Growth Chart

Worrying about your baby’s development especially during the first year is normal. Often, new moms find themselves fussing over their baby’s growth even with the doctor’s reassurance. To ease your mind, you can use our baby height percentile calculator to help you track how much your baby has grown and even compare it to the average baby height according to the WHO growth chart.

Baby's Birthday:
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Baby's Height:
Baby's Birthday:
Baby's Gender:
Baby's Height:  cm (38-130)

Background Information & Instructions

To use this, simply select your childai??i??s birthdate, gender, and height then click on the calculate button and Viola!

Now, as a new mom, you are probably wondering what infant growth calculators are for. Well, these calculators such as our baby height percentile calculator can determine how well your baby is growing, particularly where she is on the WHO growth charts.

Measuring Your Baby's Height

More specifically, the baby height percentile helps us see two things:

  • Ai??We get to check how our babyai??i??s height compares to the average baby height of those with the same age and sex and who are living in an environment that supports optimal growth.
  • We also find out if our babyai??i??s growth in height is following a healthy pattern. How do we do that? If your childai??i??s height percentile is usually at 50% and it suddenly drops to 5%, then it may be something that you need to consult with your doctor.

By the way, if you want to see a full picture of your babyai??i??s growth, youai??i??ll need to get your babyai??i??s height AND weight percentile. Also, do keep in mind that a boyai??i??s height growth chart will be different from a girlai??i??s so make sure youai??i??re looking at the right chart.

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  1. Isma says:

    Nice tool. I got reply of 99% in height chart for my baby. what does this indicates?