Aquarius Baby Horoscope

Baby Horoscope: Aquarius

Summary Characteristics

Genius is the best description associated with an Aquarius sign. ?An Aquarius baby has the potential to become one. But it may take some time before your Aquarius baby can unlock this great potential. ?Aquarians have an unpredictable mind and people may call them crazy because their quick and energetic minds can absorb almost anything. ?They are seekers and explorers by nature and may prefer independent discovery than a more organized activity.? Aquarian tots are lovable, sensitive, electrifying, independent, stubborn, and unpredictable.? Adolescents are more logical, practical, inventive, independent, and unorthodox.


A baby Aquarius has a brilliant mind.? Who knows, you may have a child who will one day receive a Pulitzer Prize.? Aquarians are also known for having a universal love of people.?? They can have lots of friends willing to do any favor for them. They can be friends with anyone including your gardener, housemaid, store clerk, or your town?s barber.? They are also dreamers and they won?t let go of their dream until they have accomplished it.? Aquarians are not born to be just plain and ordinary citizens nor will they conform to a traditional or conservative path.? They seek and demand for excellence and independence.? They also have strong connections and empathy with nature.?? Pursuing an environmental or humanitarian career would be best suited for them.


Babysitters or neighbors may get frightened of an Aquarian baby because of his unfamiliar and electrifying energy.? They may call him crazy because of his or her unpredictable mind and electrifying movements.? A baby Aquarius is like an energizer bunny that nevers run out of power.? Though his mind seems to move really quickly, he also tends to easily forget how he came up with solutions. ?According to their baby horoscope, Aquarians do not have a good memory because their mind moves in lightning speed.? They can forget their phone number, address, and curfew.? They can easily lose their sense of time.? They are absent-minded so they might have difficulty navigating the streets.? They also need a lot of encouragement before they can come up with a decision.? They have a tendency to say ?I can?t? most of the time to avoid responsibility.? ?They can easily be disturbed by an unspoken or unexpressed tension which may lead to their unhappiness.


Aquarians have an inconsistent, contradicting, and amusing personality.?? They tend to go to the extremes. They may become attached to an object or they may refuse to use it forever.? For example, they can be a collector of watches or they may not want to wear it entirely.? They are very unpredictable and you may never know what to expect from them.? They do anything they want without any warning.? They love exploring and discovering new things.??? They have their own private world where they usually day dream and may completely lose track of time.? An Aquarius baby is a cuddly love bug who can easily entertain people.? He can easily connect with the crowd.? He also has a razor-sharp intuition that can easily penetrate deep into one?s soul.? He is also very particular with cleanliness and may fuss over having dirty hands or things.

How to Raise an Aquarius Baby

The best way to handle an Aquarius baby is to teach him how to center and organize his thoughts.? You also need to help him channel his physical and mental activities.? You have to encourage concentration and memory focus.? You also need to honor his need for independence and space.? It is also very important to teach him how to be disciplined in his actions or else he will be lax in his responsibilities.? Provide your baby Aquarius with a harmonious and tranquil home environment so you can help him balance their mind and body.? It also helps him if you can provide meditation, silent prayer, and centering which help Aquarian kids become more focused.? Aquarius children have wonderful minds, unprejudiced wisdom, and are ultimate humanitarians. They make excellent social workers, scientists, mediators, political activists, environmentalists, politicians, writers, teachers, astrologers, psychologists, humanitarians, and explorers.

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