Aries Baby Horoscope

Zodiac: Aries

Summary Characteristics

As the first of the astrological signs, Aries symbolizes leadership, independence, assertiveness. They are always first in line to get things started, coming up with new ideas, and exploring the world around them. An Aries baby grows up to be a charismatic leader, able to garner a lot of people to support any cause even when faced with great odds. He is not afraid of taking risks and always tries to do his best at any task he has on hand.


Aries people are one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. They make great friends as they’re always looking out for the people they care about, quick to give encouragement, and are very generous as well as caring. Their natural optimism and enthusiasm coupled with their leadership qualities enable others to quickly follow their lead. People born under the Aries horoscope sign are also driven and ambitious making them natural overachievers. They are brave and not afraid to venture into something new; failure never keeps them down.


The Aries sign, among all the astrological signs, is the sign of the self thus those born under it can be self-involved and self-centered at times. They are impatient and get bored easily. While  they are quick to start on a new project, they often rely on others to finish it when the excitement is gone. Aries babies can have epic temper tantrums as they are quick to anger and also very moody. However, they never hold a grudge and their anger usually fades as quickly as it came. Honesty is something you’ll always get from an Aries but they tend to become too blunt and overstep their boundaries. And since they can be very impulsive, Aries babies tend to look before they leap and are prone to accidents.


Aries babies are very independent and not happy about following orders, especially those that they do not like. They also can become childish or moody when things don’t go their way. They also easily take offense. While they can be quite bratty, they are also very good at socializing and can talk about anything under the sun. They are also very playful and love new things, often bringing excitement into the lives of others.

How to Raise an Aries Baby

Raising an Aries baby will definitely be challenging and certainly not boring. They are often enthusiastic about anything new and will most likely learn how to walk and talk earlier than other children their age.  Your Aries baby is very affectionate but also needs lots of attention and assurance, especially from his favorite parent. Be prepared to handle unforgettable temper tantrums as Aries babies are famous for them. Teaching your Aries baby early on how to accept the word “no” is essential. Generosity is innate in all Aries children; they will not find it hard to share any of their toys with siblings and friends. Having a creative and passionate nature, an Aries child will often have great ideas about new projects. However, you will have to teach him or her how to keep focused on the project to the very end. Their enthusiasm about life and the world around them as well as their high energy always has them running about. This makes them accident-prone so childproofing is essential. Aries children can be competitive so introducing them to sports can be the perfect outlet for all their high energy. Those born under the Aries horoscope sign make excellent entrepreneurs, sales people, actors/actresses, stockbroker, and surgeons. Aries children will also do well in service fields such as police, military, and rescue workers.


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