Cancer Baby Horoscope

Zodiac: Cancer

Summary Characteristics

People born under the Cancer sign are nurturers by nature.canada goose parka womens They are dependable and caring; they have a great ability of making others feel good about themselves. They make devoted, trustworthy friends. Cancers are also known for their mood swings; one minute they’re the life of the party, the next minute they’re silently sitting in the corner. They are also pessimistic and therefore always prepare for the future. Because they’re very sensitive and a tad insecure, Cancers are most comfortable at home and surrounded by their close-knit family. They are also very persevering and always stand up for what they believe in.


Though they have a hard time trusting others, Cancer kids are dependable and loyal to the people they love. They are also very caring by nature and are greatly attached to family. Cancers also have a great deal of empathy and are very helpful. They are very intuitive and observant so they are able to read people very well. They have a great deal of perseverance and drive to get things done. They are also self-sufficient and don’t need to rely on others for material things. Though prone to negativity and depression, Cancer kids are able to self-heal through large doses of laughter.


Cancer babies are overly sensitive and easily hurt which leads them to have a basic distrust of others. They tend to have a lot of emotional issues which can make them self-absorbed at times. In addition, Cancer babies need to always feel secure and needed which can make them clingy. Being moody is also a basic characteristic of Cancers, going from up to down in a flash. Any type of conflict causes them distress.


Cancers have a very complex personality. They are unpredictable and fragile. People born under this sign are constantly in need of support and encouragement. They rarely make a move without strong support. They tend to remember every experience in vivid detail as they have excellent memory. Thus, Cancers brood over their mistakes for quite a bit of time before they move on. When hurt, Cancers tend to retreat into their shell and become unreachable. canada goose parka womens Because they are afraid of being hurt, it takes a lot of love and support before a Cancer opens up to someone.

How to Raise a Cancer Baby

Your Cancer baby needs a lot of nurturing and may be attached to your hip all the time. He tends to be moody and cries a lot especially if he’s in an unfamiliar environment or with unfamiliar people. Cancer kids are most comfortable at home surrounded by family members. They also feel more secure when routines and traditions are followed in the home. Allowing your Cancer baby to decorate his or her room will add to his feeling of security. Kids born under this sign are born pet lovers because of their nurturing nature. Because they are naturally shy, it is important that you give your Cancer baby time to warm up to others. Expose him to socializing early but don’t force him if the wants to take some quiet time alone. Your Cancer baby also has a hard time opening up so make sure to always have some one-on-one time to find out things are. Cancers kids will make excellent antique dealers, nurses, nannies, social workers, teachers, historians, archeologists, writers, psychologists, lawyers, chefs, actors, and musicians.


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