Capricorn Baby Horoscope

Baby Horoscope: Capricorn

Summary Characteristics

Babies born under the Capricorn sign seem like old little men or women.? They show maturity as early as their toddler years.? A Capricorn baby is strong-willed, mature, deliberate, serious, thoughtful, bashful, and introverted; an adolescent of the same sign is more responsible, trustworthy, reliable, well-behaved, and modest.? He can also be moody and gloomy depending on the situation.? There are many interesting inconsistencies with these children such as being too positive then suddenly gloomy. They may look like a child but they act like an adult. Parents may also find a Capricorn baby a bit intimidating, at times. These kids have the potential to be good scholars and leaders. A Capricorn baby is a dream child of every parent because he is well-behaved, serious about his future, very organized, responsible, and always ready for the rainy days.


Capricorns are strong-willed, thoughtful, articulate, mature, and smart.? A Capricorn child can easily communicate his or her negative feelings through a plain and simple demonstrative sentence, instead of having a tantrum.? They are also not big fussers. They can easily articulate a message in a clear and logical manner.? Capricorns can easily adapt to daily routines and rhythms like potty-training and mealtimes.? They are very organized and systematic.? They know where they put their toys and they follow their own routine.? When they grow up, Capricorns are very organized with their lives including having a routine for their daily activities. They are serious about any given task and always make sure that they can accomplish each one on time.? They are very responsible, serious, super-fast learners, and thorough. They always save for a rainy day and possess a superb concentration skill.? They can easily grasp the fundamental things in life. They are mannerly and studious, as well. Capricorns know how to take care of themselves and they have a powerful instinct for self-preservation.


Capricorns don?t want to be pushed too hard beyond their limits.? Doing so may cause them to become painfully harsh and bluntly cruel.? They may become cold and dictatorial particularly with weaker kids or with those who have submissive personalities. Capricorns are also intensely interested in members of the opposite sex.?? Thus, they can be prone to stormy heartbreaks particularly during teenage years.? Capricorns are rarely stubborn but it does happen.? They are also very picky when it comes to food.


Babies born under the sign of the Capricorn have strong personalities.? They are born leaders who are often elected as class presidents because of their mature and adult-like personality.? They also enjoy pretending to be grown-ups and dress up like mom and dad or play doctor, engineer, astronaut and the like.? They also like to draw and paint because of their artistic nature.? Listening to music is also a favorite pastime of a Capricorn baby. ?They are not fond of playing aimless games and indulging in frivolity, preferring instead to do practical tasks like building a dog house or doing a chore.? Capricorns prefer to stay at home and be in the company of family or relatives rather than with a group of friends their age.? They dislike childishness and pranks. They often prefer having one best friend for a lifetime than having too many friends.? They also constantly seek for authority and respect from others.

How to Raise a Capricorn Baby

A Capricorn baby needs a lot of encouragement and approval as he or she works towards achieving his or her goals.? You also need to guide him in his mature thinking particularly in reaching for his goals.? Children born under the sign of the Capricorn tend to be perfectionists and will need your assurance that trying is still an achievement in and of itself. ?A Capricorn baby tends to become overly serious and rigid because of their ?old souls? so teaching him how to relax and play is essential. It is also important to provide him with a lot of practical play activities as he loves to work just like mom and dad.? Capricorn children value close family ties and you will often see them around the house.? Having a weekly family gathering will give your Capricorn baby the solid emotional base he needs in order to succeed in the real world. Capricorns make excellent managers, principals, economists, bankers, real estate agents, politicians, engineers, scientists, project directors, and researchers.

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