Chinese Zodiac Dog

Chinese Zodiac - Dog

Summary Characteristics

The 11th position in the Chinese zodiac, the dog symbolizes unselfishness and dependability. People born under this Chinese birth sign possess some of the best traits of human nature.200-310 pdf Dogs have a deep sense of loyalty and thrive to inspire other people with their compassion. Dog people are often morally upright, trustworthy, and make great companions.


Unselfishness is one of the most paramount traits of the Chinese zodiac Dog. For kids born under this Chinese birth sign, it is always a personal duty to correct other people’s wrongdoings. Dogs often strive to correct injustices and sufferings brought on to the people they love. You can never expect them to turn their backs on a friend.100-105 dumps Dog children are honest, faithful, and value tradition and honor. They are very intelligent and have a profound sense of obligation.


Dogs may find the company of a large group of people uncomfortable. They prefer socializing with a small group of friends, partly because of their basic mistrust of strangers. Some people born under this sign may be prone to jump to conclusions, and over-interpret other people’s words or actions. They are often anxious and insecure about their talents. Rejection terrifies the very core of dogs compared to the other Chinese zodiac signs.


Dogs are extremely loyal to the people they love. They are very alert and protective of family and loved ones. You will rarely find an egotistical dog because they often have difficulty promoting themselves. They rarely shine in company and avoid being in the spotlight. Dogs are great listeners and friends often turn to them for counsel and support. Chinese zodiac Dog children, even at a very young age, will be incredibly attentive; always offering kind words to friends and family members. They tend to take  control of situations even if it doesn’t involve them directly. They are sometimes labeled as gossipy because of their unusual concern for other people’s lives.

How to Raise a Dog Baby

Chinese zodiac Dog babies are always happy and well-balanced; they are creative and don’t mind playing by themselves. They are innately cheerful and will always look for harmony in the household. These kids are fairly consistent with schoolwork and they rarely get into trouble with the authorities. Although they may flare-up sometimes, dog children are never jealous. They can resist being bullied by other kids, mostly because they have a lot of comrades to back them up. These kids may not do well with rejection. Encourage them and lavish them with compliments and a lot of appreciation – they will surely react positively and reciprocate your actions. It is safe to give them responsibilities at an early age; they are trustworthy and enjoy taking part in keeping the household in order. Chinese zodiac Dog children seldom lose their temper, and it’s very unusual to see a dog brat. These children love playing puzzles and inventing games. Their playful and outgoing nature will strive for a little degree of independence, but most of them will never stray too far from home. When a dog child is pushed too far, he may act defiant, lethargic, and cynical. It is wise not to push these tolerant children to their limits. They are dubbed as the most kindhearted of the Chinese zodiac animals. Dog kids will make excellent counselors, priests, judges, clerks, nurses, as well as scientists and teachers.

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