Chinese Zodiac Dragon

Chinese Zodiac - Dragon

Summary Characteristics

The fifth position in the Chinese zodiac, the dragon symbolizes vitality and strength. People born under the sign of the Chinese zodiac dragon may act aloof, frank, and quick-tempered, but they are often adored canada goose Constable Parka mænd by many. Dragons don’t like being stuck in tedious, boring routines. They are natural born leaders; they enjoy giving orders rather than following them. They have big mouths, are often tactless, and can never be refrained from speaking their minds. Because of their youthful energy, they possess an outspoken nature with a strong desire for gaining more friends and being loved.


Being independent and free to accomplish different tasks appeals to the Chinese zodiac dragon. For kids born under this sign, the world is a colorful world that is meant to be seized and enjoyed. They are fiercely independent, not clingy nor whiny. In fact, they are happy being left to do what they want. Even if they are known for being dramatic and prone to flare-ups, this sign can easily ask for forgiveness canada goose Expedition Parka and in turn, are quick to forgive others as well. Dragons are often gifted with cunning and methodological thinking. They are one of the most intelligent  Chinese zodiac signs.


Children born in the year of the Chinese zodiac dragon can easily deal with small chores unless they are repetitive and mundane. These kids may not enjoy taking out the trash or cleaning their rooms. Not known to disguise their thoughts, they are often seen as tactless and unmindful of other people’s feelings. Rude dragons have a strong destructive nature.


Chinese zodiac dragon babies are willful, powerful children. It would be very hard not to notice them. Among the Chinese zodiac animals, they are the typical “showman”, always wanting attention and pampering. Kids under this sign are fearless and vibrant; almost nothing can deter their idealistic outlook in life.

How to Raise a Dragon Baby

It is important for dragon kids to be made to feel their worth. They want to be needed aside from being loved. They are exhilarated by praise for jobs well done, and enjoy making an effort to make their parents proud. Dragon kids will tend to be over-emotional even with slight ridicule, and parents should be cautious of bruising their egos. Failures make this sign broody and they might tend to sulk in a corner. Assure them that everything will be okay, and that the sun will shine again tomorrow. It is often unnecessary to punish dragon kids, for they are quick to reprimand themselves and ask for forgiveness. Dragon kids will make excellent engineers, inventors, philosophers, psychoanalysts, as well as salespeople, brokers and politicians.

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