Chinese Zodiac Horse

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Chinese Zodiac - Horse

Summary Characteristics

The seventh position in the Chinese zodiac, the horse symbolizes optimism and restlessness. They are masters of discourse and dissertations. Most people born under the sign of the Chinese zodiac horse tend to succeed in almost anything they would venture on. They are high-strung, love entertainment and large crowds. They have no problem being the center of attention, which is what often happens as they enter a room full of people.canada goose parka womens They are charismatic, cheerful, and have a very contagious optimism.


Talking and gurgling to themselves are typical of the Chinese zodiac horse. For babies born under this sign, hearing their own voice, as they babble nonstop, is such a delight. They are known to talk and form words at an early age. They can be restless, and expect them to roam the neighborhood throughout the day looking for adventure and different sorts of rough games. Horse children are gifted with a passionate and buoyant personality.200-101 vce They are very affectionate, especially to their parents, but may not like too much cuddling and touchy sentimentalities.


The Chinese zodiac horse is the most talkative of the Chinese zodiac animals, and therefore, people born under this sign may be viewed as tactless without them recognizing it. These children are happy-go-lucky thrill-seekers and may not want to be reprimanded. Expect these kids to get themselves into trouble as frequently as possible. These kids struggle with self-centeredness, which lead to temper tantrums when they don’t get their own way.


Chinese zodiac horse children are friendly, trustworthy, and very open minded that they often attract a lot of friends even without trying. They are honest, genial, and have a very good sense of humor that adds to their innate charm. It is easy for this sign to gain power, wealth, and respect for they are extremely likable and have a knack of putting people at ease. They are one of the most cunning and most intelligent  Chinese zodiac signs.

How to Raise a Horse Baby

Horse babies can easily charm their way to being the “apple of the eye.” They are the family favorites, and relatives as well as neighbors will take delight in holding this little angel. They are born with leadership abilities and adore showing off their talents to gain attention from their elders. Horse kids are extroverted, love to be on the go, and will often coerce you to go to picnics, zoos, and amusement parks. They are well-known in the whole neighborhood and often regarded as the “extra child.” They find it very easy to blend well with other people. These kids are torn between wanting to be loved and cared for, and being independent. They are prone to rebel once they feel that they are being stripped of their rights. It will be beneficial for this sign to be taught how to control his temper and impulsive nature. A true horse can easily conform to norms if he is made to realize about the importance of such rules. Horse kids will make excellent translators, bartenders, librarians, sales representatives, journalists, as well as performers and artists.

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