Chinese Zodiac Monkey

Chinese Zodiac - Monkey

Summary Characteristics

The ninth position in the Chinese zodiac, the monkey symbolizes wisdom and a cunning nature. They are considered the “geniuses” of the Chinese zodiac signs. People born under the sign of the Chinese zodiac monkey are full of life, lively, likable, and quick witted. They can charm almost anyone with their vivacious personality. They hate being stuck in a monotonous routine and have a very low boredom threshold. Monkeys are skillful and flexible, but often erratic. They have excellent memories and always have a thirst for knowledge.


A hyperactive and multicolored nature is very noticeable in the Chinese zodiac monkey. For kids under this sign, making an instant connection with anyone is important. They can dazzle you with their wits and fast talking. They never run out of something to say or ideas to keep you entertained. They are smart, inventive, and will dabble with almost anything that can hold their interests. Monkeys have a tremendous amount of energy and can play the whole day without losing an ounce of enthusiasm.


Kids born under the sign of the Chinese zodiac monkey are warm and affectionate, but are easily sidetracked by a lot of things. If not corrected early, some of them will neglect school duties to do other trivial things. They may resort to cutting classes and playing video games in their friends’ houses. They hate being tied with boring routines, and may skip classes that don’t interest them. Monkeys have a knack in pulling practical jokes, skilled in fooling and tricking others that they might create a few enemies out of it.


Chinese zodiac monkey babies are so curious that you can expect them disassembling and deconstructing toys and other household items even at a very young age. Among other Chinese zodiac animals, kids born under this sign will remain young at heart and seldom grow-up completely. They can make friends easily because of their enchanting personality and extraordinary sense of humor. Their clever and curious nature helps them keep up to almost anything. Accomplishing tasks and doing challenging works stimulates them. However, creativity and perception are not part of their strengths.

How to Raise a Monkey Baby

Kids born under this sign are curious to a fault. Concentrating is not their forte, and though they may do well in school, will find it hard to focus on academics. They love outdoor activities and will excel in different sports. Some of them can be troublemakers, playing tricks and antics on weaker friends or classmates. Teach them how to focus their energies on more important and rewarding activities. These kids often get what they want; bright eyed and jovial, they can always find a way into your heart. These youngsters will be too fidgety that they would be more likely to break their new toys and offer to fix it afterwards. Monkeys are never contented, and expect them to always bug you with questions about nonsense things, the universe, and everything else in between. If you can satisfy their curiosity and help them channel their abilities properly, these kids are more likely to succeed among other zodiac signs. Monkey babies will make excellent scientists, engineers, bankers, sales representatives, dealers, as well as film directors and critics.

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