Chinese Zodiac Ox

Chinese Zodiac - Ox

Summary Characteristics

The second position in the Chinese zodiac, the ox symbolizes tenderness and perseverance. They are smart, responsible, and dedicated to any task at hand. They can be impulsive when angered, hence, can express a fearsome canada goose Manitoba Jakke m├Žnd rage. Although the Chinese zodiac ox is notorious for having a snobbish personality, people born under this sign can easily open their hearts to someone once you gain their trust.


Among the Chinese zodiac animals, the Chinese zodiac ox is the most hardworking and enduring. People born under this sign are physically strong and have the ability to labor for hours to accomplish canada goose Banff Parka a task or solve a problem. They rarely complain about duties and responsibilities. A lot of them are most likely to succeed because of sustained effort and hard work. They are tough, reliable, and often, can easily earn the respect of theircanada goose Montebello Parka elders and friends.


Oxen are born shy and timid, and for many, spend a rather lonely childhood due to a preference for working and playing alone. Being the silent type, they rarely reveal their true feelings, thus, c_hanaimp151 pdfrequire more protection and guidance from parents and other family members.


Resourcefulness and independence are the main traits of the Chinese zodiac ox. For babies born under this sign, ideal parents should be supportive, encouraging, and unyielding disciplinarians. They are highly opinionated and may tend to talk back once they feel they are being judged or treated unfairly. They are not known to be fast-talkers, but they have a strong, ponderous nature that is hard to break.

How to Raise an Ox Baby

Chinese zodiac ox children are happiest when left with minimum adult supervision. They are likely to show their temper once interrupted with play or asked to do things against their will. Furthermore, these kids are expected to grow tough, serious, and able to fend for themselves. Oxen children are no crybabies,300-101 practice test not whiny, know how to follow rules, and are respectful of their elders. This sign thrives on regularity, does not mind monotonous routines, and accomplishing things that are expected of him gives him a sense of security. They are most likely to excel in class because they are not the type who like crossing swords with the authorities. They can be obedient to a fault and have a no-nonsense approach to life. These kids need to be encouraged to express their feelings and emotions as well as develop a good sense of humor. Oxen children will make excellent painters, mechanics, engineers, draftsmen, army officers, and other jobs that require physical strength.

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