Chinese Zodiac Pig

Baby Chinese Zodiac - Pig

Summary Characteristics

The 12th position in the Chinese zodiac, the pig symbolizes gentleness and a long-suffering sign. Pigs are known to be passive observer; they have the ability to accept others and understand basic human nature. People born under this Chinese zodiac symbol are studious, highly intelligent, and hold an exceptional sense of dry humor.jn0-643 dumps They are tolerant of other people’s weaknesses; they make sincere and loyal friends. You can always expect a pig friend to stay by your side through thick and thin. This sign relishes long standing relationships and remains faithful all throughout.



Being nice and sweet are the basic traits of the Chinese zodiac Pig. For babies born under this sign, giggling and twirling are part of their cheerful nature. They are peace loving and strive to make everyone happy. These children will make good teachers because of their patience and generosity.642-737 dumps They always make sure to fulfill their tasks on time. They never hold a grudge and will never stab another person in the back.



Although known to hate arguments and confrontations, the Chinese zodiac Pig is sometimes quick-tempered. People born under this Chinese zodiac symbol believe that every person is basically good, thus, they are often taken advantage of and don’t mind being fooled. They may not get the same genuine treatment form others because of their gullible nature.



The Chinese zodiac Pig is very generous and doesn’t mind giving his things away. He is simple-minded and never brags about his talents and abilities. Even as a youngster, he is often admired for his courageous nature as well as his perseverance and dedication to his undertakings. Pig kids will do whatever it takes to maintain a sense of harmony and peace in the family. Pigs live by the motto— “It’s better to give than to receive.” They will not fail in giving their best efforts in fulfilling tasks assigned to them. They can be competent and persistent to accomplish an entrusted job.


How to Raise a Pig Baby

These absolutely cuddly and loving babies will not need as much attention as other children. They may tend to sleep a lot, enjoy good food and life’s simple pleasures. They are the most enduring among all the Chinese zodiac signs and can withstand a great deal of difficulties without crying. Children belonging to the Chinese zodiac Pig are inclined to be gullible, and their parents should see to it that their pig children don’t give more than they take. Pig kids have their own sense of individualism; they don’t mind being bossed around as long as they are not treated as slaves. These kids prefer bonding and making long lasting relationships with family and friends. They always have their own opinion, but may keep it to themselves so long as not to hurt other people’s feelings. Expect them to have a large number of friends as their sociable nature comes to play. Kids born in the year of the Chinese Zodiac Pig will grow up to become excellent doctors, caregivers, nurses, veterinarians, dentists, as well as entertainers and interior decorators.

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