Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

Chinese Zodiac - Rabbit

Summary Characteristics

The fourth position in the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit symbolizes good judgment, virtue, and independence. Rabbits have a great need for privacy, comfort, and freedom. They often resist canada goose Canada Goose mænd being pinned down. Even with their wild nature, those born under the sign of the Chinese zodiac rabbit canada goose Freestyle Vest prefer a comfortable, secure home that is free from troubles, loud noises, and pollutants. Rabbits are delicate, sensitive creatures that tend to let their emotions get the best of them.


Rabbits can be cautious yet remain charming. They have excellent taste in clothes and are known to be very fashionable. They have a strong grasp of justice and fairness. Rabbits dislike being abused and abhor canada goose Chateau Parka witnessing injustices done to other people. They are artistic, and though initially canada goose Heli-Arctic Parka mænd quiet, can easily open up and express themselves to anyone. The Chinese zodiac rabbit is the most peace-loving of all the Chinese zodiac signs; people born under this sign are gentle, warm, and disgusted with quarreling and hostility.


The Chinese zodiac rabbit is the most sentimental and emotional among the Chinese zodiac animals. Rabbit kids are often insecure and find it hard to cope with drastic changes. They cry easily and are known to be gullible, often being taken advantage of. They are easily hurt and most likely to be hypersensitive to criticisms—especially coming from their elders. They are easily picked on or bullied at school.


Gentleness and diplomacy are the main traits of the Chinese zodiac rabbit. For kids born under this sign, a quiet and peaceful life is the most ideal. Rabbit children always have a sweet disposition. They are respectful to their elders and avoid being offensive in any situation. Although shy and often timid, rabbits desire to be accepted and well liked. Striving for big ambitions is not a problem for this creative and imaginative soul. Well known for being a kind and helpful friend, a rabbit never turns a deaf ear to a friend in need.

How to Raise a Rabbit Baby

Often regarded as the good kid, rabbit babies need pampering but very little discipline. In contrast to the troublemaker tiger, a rabbit is often the peacemaker in any group. A rabbit child will do well in fine arts such as painting, music, and dance, and should be given proper exposure to harness his skills and innate abilities. Rabbit kids are generally close to their mothers and enjoy a physical bonding and support from them throughout their lives. Rabbits are known to be very obedient and sensitive to the moods and emotions of their parents. They rarely get in trouble with authorities and have no problem excelling in school. Rabbits will make excellent therapists, psychologists, counselors, doctors, writers, teachers, musicians as well as fashion designers.

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