Chinese Zodiac Rat

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Chinese Zodiac - Rat

Summary Characteristics

The first position in the Chinese zodiac, the rat symbolizes perfection and ambition. They are generally talkative and love socializing as well as making friends. But underneath all these, a typical Chinese zodiac rat is often introverted and prefers playing on his own. Rats are active,200-125 dumps aggressive, and fond of challenging activities.


Those born in the year of the Chinese zodiac rat are known to be active, both physically and mentally. They love the thrill of challenges, solving puzzles, and trying new, unfamiliar things. It is not uncommon for them to grow up being highly intelligent, quick-witted, and cunning individuals. Their attentiveness to details gives them an edge in avoiding risks and dangers. Rats are adaptable and can easily adjust to new surroundings: a new school, a new home and even a new set of friends. Children born under this canada goose Mystique Parka sign are likely to develop natural leadership qualities.


Although most people born in the year of the Chinese zodiac rat are hyper-active and sociable, they are introverted by nature canada goose Ontario Parka mænd and would often retreat to their own private world. They have a tendency to become materialistic and most of them indulge in self-satisfaction. If they don’t get what they want, they are more likely to throw tantrums, and worse—if not Asus K56CA AC Adapter disciplined correctly—will grow up as brats. Because of their inquisitive nature, rats often dabble in different topics of interest, but never excel in one.


Rat babies love all things strange and unusual; anything shiny, bright and sparkly can definitely catch their attention. They enjoy playing even when they are left in solitary situations. They are very eager to learn and have a charming disposition. Although most children born under this sign prefer being left alone, they have the ability to make friends easily.

How to Raise a Rat Baby

Compared to the other Chinese zodiac signs, Chinese zodiac rat babies enjoy being cuddled a lot, and tend to be very dependent on their parents. At a very young age, they will start to demonstrate very active mental abilities. They love collecting things and will fill their rooms with a bit of paper, stones, a piece of wood, metal objects, and anything else that catches their attention. These smart little kids will excel in arts and literature as well as sports. Initially, they can be quite shy, but inside they possess a competitive nature. Expect them to resort to crying and throwing tantrums to get your attention. Although very sweet and charming, kids under this Chinese zodiac are possessive of their parents and other family members. Rat babies talk early, love to eat, and will exhibit early interest in cooking and other household tasks. Rats will have a difficulty parting with their favorite things such as toys, books, and an old blanket. You might need to use stern persuasion in order to have them give their old things away. Rat children tend to be very protective of their younger siblings and will often try to be bossy around them. With proper encouragement, rat kids will be more motivated to excel in class and participate in anything that stimulates their mental abilities.

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