Chinese Zodiac Rooster

Chinese Zodiac - Rooster

Summary Characteristics

The tenth position in the Chinese zodiac, the rooster symbolizes resourcefulness and deep-thinking. They are very capable and talented individuals. People born under this sign of the Chinese zodiac rooster are typical goal-setters and are deeply disappointed if they fail on a certain task. Although most of them may give an impression of being adventurous, roosters are actually timid by nature, and often a bit eccentric. Rooster people always think that they are right, and they usually are! Like a wave, their emotions can easily shift from very high to very low. They have an extremely brave nature that is often admired by everyone.


Compared to other Chinese zodiac animals, the Chinese zodiac rooster is a brilliant, intelligent child. He loves learning new things and enjoys pleasing his parents and teachers. Rooster kids are often born with good looks and like showing themselves off. They are self-starters and don’t require infinite attention to stick with a task at hand. They are masters of originality and individualism. They are more likely to indulge in rewarding tasks that they will have very little idle time left for fun.


Their meticulous nature will often annoy other people. They tend to be very discriminating critics and will not bat an eyelash pointing someone’s discrepancies and weaknesses. They will be very demanding children, detesting flaws in anyone, even in their own parents. They are prone to debate and will never accept that they are wrong.


Rooster kids will excel in subjects that require good interaction and social skills. They will also make good troubleshooters for they rarely stop until they make things right and functional. They are very talkative during gatherings and will often appear blunt and frank in front of others. Roosters abhor any form of dishonesty and mockery. They always have honest opinions about others and will never be afraid of voicing it out. They like being the center of attention and have no qualms exhibiting their charisma on any occasion.

How to Raise a Rooster Baby

Expect the rooster kids to be highly dependable when called upon. They enjoy doing tasks and finishing them, and in turn require appreciation for a job well done. These kids are not afraid to speak their minds, and will find it hard to accept any advice from other people. Once a decision is made, they rarely change their minds. A lot of highly successful people, even billionaires, were born under the sign of the Chinese zodiac rooster. Rooster children have true independent spirits; they couldn’t care less about what others think of them. These kids are very neat and orderly, and are fond of helping with the chores at home and in the community. It is a pure joy to teach a Chinese zodiac rooster kid for he is sharp, precise, and a fast learner. Expect him to be poking around for answers to all things that arouse his curiosity. Rooster babies will make excellent actors, musicians, dentists, book keepers, as well as dancers and insurance agents.

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