Chinese Zodiac Snake

Chinese Zodiac - Snake

Summary Characteristics

The sixth position in the Chinese zodiac, the snake symbolizes wisdom and beauty. They are sly, calculating, and often present themselves ready when the time comes to act. People born under the sign of the Chinese zodiac snake have a high regard for privacy and they will do everything to maintain it. They are well liked and never have a hard time attracting attention; they are born with a charming nature. Snakes are mysterious creatures; having a graceful and a dark side. They are exciting and often will do whatever it takes to get what they want.


Compared to the other Chinese zodiac animals, snakes are refined, don’t talk much, but possess great wisdom. They are sympathetic of other people’s needs and would always want to help the less fortunate. They are self-reliant, which actually spring from their doubts about other people’s judgment. Most people born under the sign of the Chinese zodiac snake are physically attractive and adept in using their looks to their own advantage.


A brooding outlook in life is often common to this Chinese zodiac; kids born under this sign are often sulky and worry about insignificant things. They have a strong desire to control other people, either at work or at play. They are goal-setters and known to do whatever it takes to reach a particular ambition, often at the expense of others.


Kids born under the sign of the Chinese zodiac snake will not be too trusting of their friends; they will also find it hard to forgive any wrongdoings done to them. They have a complex personality, unrelenting and persistent. These children are often loners and enjoy playing on their own. They don’t like being made fun of and may show aggressive behavior once ridiculed or laughed at. They can make choices easily but are prone to change it a thousand times over. They always strive to be number 1 and this is where their natural leadership abilities come to play.

How to Raise a Snake Baby

Chinese zodiac snake kids love to be treated as adults. They have a tremendous need for affection and are often jealous of their siblings. Expect these children’s mental and physical growth to develop gradually and progressively. Although typical attention magnets, snake children are never loud or deliberately talkative; they are often admired for their impeccable manners. However, these children are very capable of lying or making up stories to get away from punishments. They are naturally born intelligent, but some snakes may be hindered with learning disabilities, thus, enormous patience is required from their parents and teachers. These children should be taught how to handle criticisms and the ability to bear the consequences of being part of the popular or elite group. Not known for being good conversationalists, snake children are often misunderstood and parents should help them develop good methods of expressing themselves. Snake kids will make excellent sociologists, dieticians, scientists, spiritual leaders, as well as magicians and painters.

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