Chinese Zodiac Tiger

Chinese Zodiac - Tiger

Summary Characteristics

The third position in the Chinese zodiac, the tiger symbolizes Windows 10 download charisma, rebellion, and curiosity. They can be very short-tempered and often come into conflict with authority canada goose Calgary Jakke mænd figures. Tigers are sensitive, and beyond their tough, extreme persona, is a soul canada goose Kensington Parka capable of providing great sympathy and a helping hand to others. The Chinese zodiac tiger is known for nobility, power, and courage. Tigers are hailed as the classic “hero” type among the Chinese zodiac animals.


Tigers have a very energetic and confident nature. They are born with charisma and can easily attract people with their canada goose Canada Goose dame mesmerizing personality. They are known to be warmhearted, friendly, and capable of showing extreme kindness and generosity, but are also expected to exhibit a highly ferocious nature once crossed.


Tigers can easily succumbed to depression if their personal or professional goals are not met. They are not so good at handling canada goose Langford Parka mænd criticisms and hate not getting recognized for their efforts. They can be careless, rebellious, and may create havoc out of haste and carelessness. Those born in the year of the Chinese zodiac tiger are natural daredevils and thrill seekers, wanting more adventurous endeavors to the point of injury.


Chinese zodiac tiger children have an enormous zest and passion for life. They enjoy competing in sports and other activities that require athleticism. They do better in subjects that give them the freedom to be creative and express themselves. Tigers are very sensitive and will always stand for their friends and family.

How to Raise a Tiger Baby

This little bundle of joy can be a source of delight and horror at the same time. Chinese zodiac tiger babies are drawn to where the action is and are most likely to throw themselves into devilish stunts and rough play. They are bright, charming, and have an insatiable curiosity. Tigers love communication, a true chatterbox that blabbers mostly about himself. At an early age, these children can be very dominating that parents should teach them to keep their temperamental nature in check. Expect them to be testing your limits most of the time, negating rules set upon them, and questioning stern disciplinary actions unreasonably. These troublemakers will undoubtedly test your patience, but given firm control coupled with parental affection and understanding, are capable of providing great pride to their families. Tiger children will make excellent actors, comedians, musicians, pilots, race car drivers, as well as travel agents and flight attendants.

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