Gemini Baby Horoscope

Zodiac: Gemini

Summary Characteristics

People born under the Gemini astrological sign are communicative, inquisitive, and highly adaptable. They are social butterflies that are known for their witty repartee and depth of knowledge on almost everything under the sun. Geminis are highly intelligent and quite cunning as well as manipulative. They are also known to be contradictory and dual-natured. Creative, imaginative, attentive listeners, and quick learners are some of the other descriptions that suit people born under the Gemini astrological sign.


Geminis are great conversationalists and often stand out in a group because of their witty remarks and outgoing personality. They are quickly able to adapt to any situation or person, blending well in whatever environment they are currently in. They are highly intelligent with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Geminis also have a wide range of interests and thus are natural multitaskers. They give great advice and are very generous with their friends.


Because of his high intellect and energy, a Gemini baby can get easily bored, impatient, and restless especially when things are not moving as fast as he wishes them to be. He also tends to be superficial, judging people by how he is treated instead of their true qualities. This often leads him to form wrong impressions causing his relationships to suffer. Geminis are also quick to form opinions without getting more information and understanding the matter fully. They also get easily distracted and tend to have a hard time making a decision or sticking to one. People born under this sign also tend to use their words to deceive and manipulate others. They can be selfish and insincere. Punctuality is something you can never expect from a Gemini.


Geminis have a very confused personality. They are changeable and shallow by nature. They can have strange whims and are fickle-minded. They cannot stay on topic for long even when it’s an important matter. Often, they leave tasks unfinished. They are not born leaders and often let others do the leading for them. Their nervous disposition is due to their desire to absorb everything around them and enjoy life as much as they can. When faced with boredom, they also get wound up. These two opposite situations that cause them to feel the same feeling of nervousness is part of their dual personality.

How to Raise a Gemini Baby

Raising a Gemini baby means that life will never be dull. His intelligence and natural curiosity will lead himm to explore everything in his environment. Make sure that you do some extra childproofing in your home. Surround your Gemini baby with lots of puzzles and books to challenge his or her intellect. Gemini children are usually good with computers and love scientific toys such as chemistry sets. Their inquisitiveness will make them ask a lot of questions and they will not stop asking until you give them a satisfactory and logical answer. Their communicative nature makes them really chatty babies, often learning to speak early. Gemini children are also very cunning and can manipulate words for their benefit. Be sure to teach your Gemini baby how powerful words can be and why honesty is always the best policy. Because Geminis suffer from indecisiveness, being firm and steady can help your Gemini baby learn how to make decisions and stick with them. They can get easily restless and bored. They also would rather experience many different things rather than learn a concept through and through. To avoid having your Gemini baby grow up as a “Jack of All Trades”, help him learn how to focus and develop at least one area of strength. Geminis make excellent actors, writers, journalists, reporters, producers, lecturers, linguists, public relations officers, artists, travel agents, and sales people.


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