Leo Baby Horoscope

Baby Horoscope: Leo

Summary Characteristics

Leo babies and toddlers are known for being playful, jolly, sunny, affectionate, and active.  They can also be bossy, aggressive, demanding, and a show-off. When a baby Leo doesn’t get what he or she wants, expect to hear a roaring little lion sulking in the crib.  Moreover, teen Leos are quick learners, vain, enthusiastic, generous, responsible, and love to be in the spotlight.  They can also become proud, domineering, dramatic and emotional, and sometimes even lazy.


Leos are generous and warm particularly those who were able to get a lot of emotional support when they were young.  They have a strong urge to explain all things to people.  They also have an innate sense of pride and dignity, and they will do everything they can to protect it.  They prefer to become leaders and enjoy challenging games.  They are also fast learners and use their dazzling personalities and charm to win over their teachers and admirers. Girl Leos are also strong-willed but lady-like.  They love wearing nice clothes and are happy when receiving compliments about their appearance. Boys prefer to experience great adventures like playing soldiers.   They are also very responsible and prefer to do chores that have accountability.


Leos can’t help but be domineering; it is natural with them.  Their mood goes easily sour if things don’t go the way they want them to. Leo kids who grow up with authoritative parenting and harsh treatment may become a timid introvert though.  They may also become painfully shy and violent teenagers, harboring an emotional wound if their emotional baggage is not dealt with early on.  They may also have a superiority complex but, mind you, they are not as brave as they show themselves to be.  They are needy of physical affection, adoration, cuddling, and attention.  They are also vain, aggressive, and bossy.  Preferential treatment and sibling rivalry are both destructive to a Leo baby’s sense of self-worth.  They also tend to become lazy when studying.


Leo children have two kinds of personalities, the enthusiastic extroverts and the timid introverts. Enthusiastic extroverts are those children who got full emotional support when they were still young.  These kids grow up to become generous, warm individuals who have a strong urge to explain things to others because they feel superior.  Meanwhile, those who grew up with authoritative parents who treated them harshly may become timid introverts.  This kind of treatment and parenting style should be used minimally with Leo kids.  They must be reprimanded gently or else they will have a tendency to become painfully shy or violent teens.

How to Raise a Leo Baby

The best way to handle your Leo baby is to shower him or her with proper praise.  Give him your loving hugs and big squeezes but be careful not to spoil him.  A Leo baby wants to be the center of attention and will always long to be in the spotlight.  You will have to teach him the value of respect and let him understand that he also needs to share the spotlight with others. Give your baby Leo freedom and allow him to express his high-spiritedness. Give him continuous and gentle guidance so you can help him achieve the right direction. Leos excel in the fields of government, legal services, entertainment, real estate, education, art/design/architecture, and engineering.

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