Libra Baby Horoscope

Baby Horoscope: Libra

Summary Characteristics

People born under the sign of Libra are well-mannered, charming, and even-tempered.? One of their notable characteristics is that they have difficulty making decisions.? They prefer to avoid making choices and don?t like to have too many choices at once.? Their sense microsoft windows key of fairness makes it hard for them to decide.? Making decisions takes time with them because they have to weigh the pros and cons of each choice.? October-born children are closely associated with the goddess of beauty ? Venus.? Venus rules this sign, hence, Libra babies are known to be beautiful babies with even features, having one or two dimples and a beaming smile that lights up the whole world.


The difficulty of Libras in making an outright decision is their own way of building their character, intuition, and leadership abilities.? They always seek the truth in every situation.? They don?t like to make misjudgments or mistakes. Libras, according to baby horoscope, are peacemakers by nature, so they tend to weigh all the possibilities to come up with the right and favorable decision.? They are also intelligent and like to argue about almost anything under the sun.? Involving themselves in arguments is their own way of exercising their quick minds. Though they like to debate with others, Libras know how to follow the rules as long as they are right and justifiable.


Indecision is one of the flaws of Libras.? Just make sure that you don?t rush them into making decisions or they will become extremely stubborn. They can also be spiteful and defensive if you force them to do things that they don?t like or if you treat them harshly.? Libras are not good with taking orders from others and will tend to sulk once ordered about. Though they are highly intelligent, they can also be extremely susceptible. Libras are also prone to indulgence, often surrounding themselves with luxury. Because they always try to accommodate everyone, Libras may find it hard to assert their opinions. This makes it easy for others to run all over them. Their easy-going attitude also tends to make underachievers, content with whatever comes their way.


Libras have a very interesting and extreme personality.? They can be charming, smart, thoughtful, gentle, and endearing but they can also be stubborn, rebellious, spiteful, and defensive.? They are beautiful, lovable, fair, and just but they can be your worst nightmare if they think that you?re being unfair.? They hate discord and will often do whatever they can to ensure harmony in their surroundings.? Libras are also very expressive and creative.? They also like music and arts.

How to Raise a Libra Baby

The best way to handle your Libra baby is to give him or her a peaceful and quiet environment. Libras functions best when they have a good and long nap so giving them lots of nap time is essential.? You should also play soft and gentle music more often because your Libra baby loves this type of music. ?Libra children also flourish in schools with more of a work-and-play approach than a desk-lecture type of teaching.? They love strategy games and reading books so you have to encourage your Libra baby to read and write journals about his favorite topics.? Libra children have a sweet tooth so you have to teach your child the importance of a balanced meal and good exercise.? Avoid using strong colors or playing loud music in his or her bedroom because it will make your Libra baby anxious.? Libra babies must be raised in an emotionally balanced environment or else they tend to become snappy. Because they are afraid of hurting the feelings of others, teaching your child how to be opinionated and assertive is also important. Children born under this sign are also easily spoiled so make sure that you teach your Libra baby how to act responsibly without getting a reward each time. They also tend to need a lot of affection and reminders that they are loved so make sure that you always set aside some one-on-one time with your baby. Libra kids can grow up to become great diplomats, counselors, psychologists, judges, artists, mediators, art dealers, interior decorators, lawyers, and writers.

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