Pisces Baby Horoscope

Baby Horoscope: Pisces

Summary Characteristics

Pisces are dreamers. ?They seem to be in a world of their own most of the time and also tend to view the real world with rose-colored glasses.? They are known to be friendly, gentle, warm-hearted, childish, charming, and sensitive.? Adolescents born under this sign are artistic, compassionate, visionary, and imaginative.? They may also be inclined to music. They may also tend to become irresponsible during their teenage years.? A child or adult born under the Pisces sign may never have a grown-up attitude.? ??They also like diversity in their daily routines and schedules.? They also prefer to have moments of privacy and may occasionally withdraw from the real world.


People born under the Pisces sign have great imaginations and are often magnificent story-tellers.? They love to share make-believe stories like Alice in Wonderland.? Your Pieces baby may one day become a lead actor or actress in his or her school plays.? Children born under the Pisces sign also have great intuition.? They can also share with you a forecast of an unusual dream.? Pisces are very empathetic; they can easily understand the situations and circumstances of others, far beyond their years.? They have a deep wisdom, more so than their peers.? Pisces children are very artistic.? Little boys may want to play heroes while little girls may want to join a ballerina class.? They love dancing and music, as well.? These kids loves to read books, hence, they are known to be lover of words.? They are often enthusiastic about reading poetry books.? They may have difficulty in grasping geometry or algebra concepts at first, but wait and see, because they may have a more in-depth knowledge of the entire concept of theories later on.? Pisces children are very demanding; they will try to get what they want by charming their parents with a winning smile and sweet ways.


A Peter Pan-like attitude is common with people born under this sign even in their adult years.? During adolescence, they may become irresponsible because they only want to follow their own rules.? Pisces babies may not often throw tantrums, but they can draw back or scream just to get what they want. They can also be very demanding and may seem to be manipulative.? They have their own way of making sure that things are to their own advantage.? They may also shy away from scholastic and social demands which may affect their perception of self or individuality.? They tend to withdraw themselves from the real world because they want to have moments of seclusion and privacy.? Usually, this can be mistaken as being anti-social.? They are also overly sensitive which makes them require an enormous amount of appreciation and attention from their immediate family.? Pisces people are also uncertain about their talents and abilities, so they need to be encouraged and noticed once in awhile.


Pisces children have a mysterious yet interesting personality.? Their mood swings and withdrawals are part of their need for privacy.? Occasionally, their minds need to travel somewhere else where nobody else can follow.?? They enjoy having diversions in their everyday patterns and routine. They tend to follow their basic instincts such as sleep all day and all night if they want to, play if they are inspired, and eat when they feel hungry. ?They know what they like to do and they can get what they want in their own way.? They have a unique learning method fitted to their own personality.? They have lots of ideas and they are very artistic as well.? Their favorite subject is English and they may find it hard to grasp math subjects, but they can be very good at geometry or calculus if they persevere.

How to Raise a Pisces Baby

Raising a Pisces baby can be challenging for parents.? If you want your child to be flexible and spontaneous, you need to give him lots of encouragement, empathetic attention, and caring.? You also need to be flexible with your time because Pisces preferences and activities vary.? You also need to offer a lot of activities so you can channel your Pisces baby’s artistic expressions and creativity.? Providing a home environment with lots of love, security, and comfort is very much needed for your Pisces baby’s delicate emotions. Children born under this sign also tend to be more interested in their dreams and fantasies, most especially when they want to escape the harsh realities of this world. Grounding your Pisces baby in reality and helping him avoid escapism without stamping on his ability to dream is a challenging role that you will need to learn. Pisces children can grow up to become excellent medical professionals, actors, interpreters, world travelers, poets, comedians, journalists, writers, and photographers.

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