Sagittarius Baby Horoscope

Baby Horoscope: Sagittarius

Summary Characteristics

People born under this sign have a sunny disposition and seek friendship at an early age.? They desperately need attention and acceptance for who they are. They are also known for being honest and forthright but may seem too blunt or frank to some. They are fearless and optimistic. They are also na?ve, prone to change, and unable to keep secrets. A Sagittarius baby is open-hearted, friendly, honest, inquisitive, fair, persistent, and playful.? Sagittarius adolescents are noted for being optimistic, idealistic, restless, curious, and awkward.


According to the baby zodiac, Sagittarius babies have a cheerful disposition.? They love being with friends even at an early age.? They also make excellent friends as they are always there to cheer you up when you are down. ?They are emotionally stable and always optimistic. They are firm in their decisions, not easily submitting to unreasonable demands. ? A request needs to be backed up with facts and logic for them to consider it. They have excellent communication skills and are incapable of deceiving anyone. Their humor will always make you laugh and their honesty is something you can depend on. They are also driven and intelligent. ?A Sagittarius baby enjoys learning and prefers to have a progressive education. ?He will make a fine student when he grows older because of his multi-faceted intelligence.


A Sagittarius baby desperately needs acceptance and approval.? Ignoring them will easily break their hearts.? They can be brutally honest though often with the best of intentions and may seem oblivious to the hurt their honesty has caused.???They also value their freedom highly, preferring to avoid commitments and responsibilities. They easily get bored and may become attracted to danger at times because of the excitement it brings and their fearlessness. Those born under this sign are rebels at heart and will not conform to the usual social norms. Sagittarius kids have a tendency to defy parental authority and saying ?because I said so? will not work for them. Though naturally cheerful, they do have a violent temper when pushed too far.


Sagittarius people have a well-adjusted personality.? They have a sunny, cheerful, and friendly disposition.? They are very optimistic, always thinking that something good is just around the corner. They never feel jealous or possessive and are true ?live and let live? believers. Though they are very agreeable people, one can easily break their hearts if they feel rejected and disliked for who they are.? The great thing about them is that after experiencing the hurt, they can easily move on and are not held back by grudges. They are always looking forward to the future, never dwelling in the past. People born under this sign do not conform to the norms, social customs, and traditions. They prefer rules that are based on safety rather than social mores. They do not accept narrow-mindedness or prejudice.?They also have a strong desire to be independent and free, away from close family ties.

How to Raise a Sagittarius Baby

You need to give your Sagittarius baby lots of hugs and other signs of affection.? You have to let him or her feel secure and loved in the family.? Surround him or her with lots of love and laughter.? Failure to give it may cause withdrawal or they may become sarcastic when they grow up as adolescents.? They may also grow up to be somewhat distant to the family; they should first experience how to feel secure at home, so they can be more loving and close to the family. Make sure to talk to them in a rational and calm voice.? When asking for a request, back it up with facts and logic so they will do it or else they won?t bother to follow even if you scream.? You also need to give them room to grow, fail, and succeed.? If you nurture your Sagittarius child with lots of love, respect, and tolerance, he or she will surely return the favor by sharing his or her adventures and dreams with you. Because they get easily bored, make sure that you provide your Sagittarius baby with lots of mental stimulation such as books and educational toys. Give them lots of time outdoors and go on family outings such as camping, visiting museums, and going to zoos. This will also help in indulging their constant need for freedom without having to sacrifice your need to supervise. According to the baby zodiac, Sagittarius babies grow up to become great counselors, psychologists, doctors, athletes, entrepreneurs, traders, interpreters, importers, missionaries, and travel agents.

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