Scorpio Baby Horoscope

Baby Horoscope: Scorpio

Summary Characteristics

A Scorpio baby has a strong-willed character and fierce determination, never easily giving in to defeat. He is always poised and in full control of his emotions, never showing any outward indication of what he’s currently feeling. A Scorpio, as a child or an adult, can be stubborn and egoistic but also passionate, caring, and loyal.? He can be quite charming but can also be quite brutally honest. Because of his excellent memory, he never forgets any actions done to them whether they are good or hurtful. His passionate nature also makes him incredibly possessive and jealous of what he perceive as his.


Your Scorpio baby will surprise you with his strength and ability to endure pain.? He has a strong body that complements his strong-willed character.? He has enormous amounts of energy and tends to be very good at physical activities. Despite his tough nature, he is a charming and loving person. A baby born under the Scorpio sign is very competitive and will do everything he can to win.? Whatever he does, he always wants to be the best and turn things to his advantage.? He has intense feelings which push him to act intensely in everything that he does. Interestingly, Scorpios make the best detectives.? They can easily find lost coins or car keys.? They love to solve puzzles, mysteries, and anything supernatural. Scorpios are also wise and very intuitive; they know when to hug a person at the right moment.


The strong personality of Scorpios is sometimes the cause of some of their weaknesses.? Your Scorpio baby’s competitive nature and desire to win makes it difficult for him to accept defeat.? He also does not know how to compromise.? He will wait until things will turn to his advantage. He tends to be manipulative. His strong sense of self makes it difficult for him to forgive and be considerate to others specially those who are weaker than him. Scorpios may suffer from an inflated ego which can harm them even more. People born under this sign can also be obsessive and unyielding.


Scorpios have extreme personalities.? They can be very charming and loving but they can also be ill-tempered and vindictive.? They feel very strong emotions though they hide it from others with a cool and detached manner.? They are courageous and loyal to their friends and family.? But it is hard for others to get inside into a Scorpio?s chosen circle because they have a hard time trusting others.? They are intensely curious and they won?t stop until they resolve a puzzle or mystery. And while they are wary of opening up to others, they will probe you, your character, and your motivations until they know you inside out.

How to Raise a Scorpio Baby

With a Scorpio baby, you never really know what?s going on under his or her calm surface.? Parents can feel confused by the changing of their child?s behavior from aloof to affectionate, brooding to smiling. ?Because of their competitive streak, parents should help them join competitions where they can show off their talents. ?A Scorpio as a child tends to remember every single slight ever done to him so teaching your child forgiveness is essential. A stable home environment is also important. They can be extremely possessive so parents need to make sure that they always have some one-on-one time with them. Teaching them how to share will also lessen their possessive streak and may even teach them how to channel their passion and drive towards a good cause. Scorpio babies can grow up to become excellent military persons, police officers, secret service agents, doctors, firefighters, forensic pathologists or psychologists, mystery or crime writers, paramedics, researchers, scientists, and private investigators.


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