Taurus Baby Horoscope

Zodiac: Taurus

Summary Characteristics

The main characteristics of a Taurus baby are strength, dependability, and persistence. Those born under the Taurus horoscope sign are known for always being steady and able to bear any amount of emotional and physical pain stoically. They also are not prone to worry or panic. Just like a bull, they can be stubborn and resistant to change. But they are also very even-tempered and slow to anger.


Taurus people are very persevering, never giving up even when everyone else has. They don’t buckle under the strain of problems either. In fact, they often come out stronger because of them. Taurus children make faithful friends and can be depended upon to be there when you’re in need. They are also extremely generous to the people they care about. Even at a young age, Taurus children are very practical and good with money. They also know how to go about setting their path towards success.


Much like the bull, those born under the Taurus horoscope sign can be very stubborn which can cause them to butt heads with people that also have strong personalities. Because of their love of comfort and the familiar, Taurus children get very nervous when faced with something new. Though they are good with money and not frivolous spenders, they love possessions and tend to spend lavishly on luxuries. Taurus children are also self-indulgent and lazy. They are master procrastinators especially if they don’t want to do something. Their laziness only disappears when it comes to themselves.


Taurus children tend to be quiet and reserved. They are also very secretive and few are aware of their very sensitive natures. While they are not at ease with socializing with strangers, they are very open to their friends and family and can be very affectionate. Those born under this sign are not known for their speed; they tend to move deliberately and only do so after careful consideration. Taurus children are not dreamers; instead, they are very sensible and practical – a true salt of the earth.

How to Raise a Taurus Baby

A Taurus baby is often the cutest and most adorable. He loves getting affection and is very affectionate in return. A Taurus baby is even-tempered which means that he or she will be more emotionally mature than his peers and less given to throwing tantrums. Because they can be quite stubborn, ordering a Taurus baby to do your bidding will get you nowhere. Practical and logical explanations as well as affection are the only things that can convince him to do what he does not want to do. He is not rebellious in nature though and will dutifully follow the rules as long as they are lovingly stated. Taurus children experience the world through their senses and will thrive in the outdoor environment. They are also lovers of the arts especially music; they love singing, listening to music, and playing musical instruments. Because they tend to be lazy, it is important that you nip this tendency before it even starts to form. Give your Taurus baby small chores around the home as early as possible and make him feel useful.  He is extremely dedicated to his loved ones and easily motivated by appreciation.  The most basic need of a Taurus baby is security and by providing him with a comfortable home filled with love and positivity, your baby bull will be as happy as a clam.

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