Virgo Baby Horoscope

Baby Horoscope: Virgo

Summary Characteristics

A Virgo baby is known for being choosy and fussy.?? A sensitive stomach is a Virgo characteristic so your Virgo baby is a fussy eater. He is also curious, alert, quick, and adaptable.? Babies born under this sign are excellent mimics.? Their ability to mimic is observable from birth.? They also learn to talk earlier than their peers.? These babies are generally calm and peaceful. Virgo babies are natural entertainers; they are born actors and actresses.


When a baby Virgo hears a sound of a bird, listen and you will hear him or her cooing.? These babies are excellent mimics that allow them to easily imitate anything they hear or see. From birth to six months, Virgo babies are adaptable, sweet, alert, observant, and undemanding. During six to eight months, these babies become methodical.? They enjoy discovering and exploring things.? They like to stack up toys, pull them apart then put them back together.? They are also curious and alert, absorbing everything that is happening around them. They begin to talk earlier than their peers.? They also enjoy being outdoors and love to show respect and caring for plants and animals.


A Virgo baby doesn?t like surprises and physical discomfort.??? He explores their surroundings cautiously and cries easily when distressed.? He also fears getting injured or hurt and doesn?t like making mistakes.? A baby Virgo is prone to temper-tantrums if parents become overly critical. He also quickly reacts to changes in the temperature, particularly if he is outdoors. Virgo children tend to set unrealistic expectations for themselves, always wanting to be perfect. They also are prone to feelings of inadequacy if they fail to meet their expectations.


A Virgo child finds it hard to see how unique and interesting his or her personality is.? Kids born under this sign may never voice out his or her need for approval thus parents need to constantly nurture them with TLC.? They are also orderly and neat. ? ?Another Virgo characteristic is being very particular with things. Virgos don?t want others to invade their privacy.? Their personal activities are very important to them; they don?t want to be disturbed or interrupted.? They are also agreeable if you are not overly critical of them.? They don?t like to be criticized and, as much as possible, they want things to be perfect.? They also do not like to be the center of attention, even though they are a natural born actors or actresses.

How to Raise a Virgo Baby

A Virgo baby needs lots of physical love and affection.? He wants to feel love, getting cuddled and hugged all the time.?You need to nurture him emotionally so he can see that he is a special and interesting person.? Make sure not to be overly critical with Virgo children because they are prone to temper-tantrums if you do.? Scolding or lecturing them in front of people can be destructive to their motivation to learn. If you don?t want to upset them, don?t interrupt their personal schedule or routine; they are very particular with details and want to keep things in order.? Introduce your Virgo baby early on to books or enroll him or her in a foreign-language program.? Try to give him or her more educational toys to play with as they are naturally curious and intelligent. Virgo children need a well-rounded and stable education as well as experiences so they can become successful in life. Virgo children grow up to become excellent writers, editors, healthcare professionals, animal handlers, horticulturalists, accountants, stockbrokers, insurance agents, sales persons, social workers, dieticians, tailors, and artists.

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