Baby Personality Test

As your baby grows, so will his personality. Soon, you?ll start to see what he likes, what he doesn?t as well as how he plays and interacts with others. With our baby personality test, you Parajumpers women not only get some insight into your baby?s developing personality, but you also get some insight on how to deal with it. This personality profile test is adapted from the Myers Briggs personality test.

This is a personality test for children between 2 - 5 years old. If your child is 6 years and older, you should use the MBTI personality test instead.

1. When playing, is your child:
2. Which statement best describes your child:
3. When you give a task to complete, your child is more likely to:
4. Most of the time, your child is:
5. When given a task to do, does your child prefer to be:
6. Most times, your child is:
7. When you change your plans at the last minute, your child is more likely to be:
8. On any given day, your child is more likely to be:
9. When it comes to his or her toys, your child:
10. When your child interacts with other people (excluding parents), he or she is likely to be:
11. When you give your child a task, he or she is more likely to:
12. When your child is with a group of people, he or she tends to be:
13. Which describes your child better:
14. When your child knows that he or she has done something well, he or she:
15. Your child usually finishes a given task:
16. When meeting new people, your child is more likely to:
17. When you give a new toy to your child, he or she tends to:
18. When your child is with a group of people, you often observe that he or she:
19. Do you often observe that your child:
20. When you reprimand your child, he or she:

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