Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower IdeasOne of the most entertaining ways of celebrating the arrival of your baby is having a baby shower. There are tons of baby shower ideas that you could refer to; they can be exceedingly helpful especially if this is the first time that you will be throwing one. The types of baby shower themes you can find range from the fun to the exotic. Finding what best suits your needs will be up to you. It is important to keep in mind though that even if you feel the need to go all out simply because of the overwhelming joy you feel, you’ll find that having a fun but simple baby shower may be just the thing you need. For one, simple baby shower ideas are easier to plan and execute. They also can be quite easy on the wallet. Plus, you don’t really want to become too stressed running around just to get everything done. Below are some examples of entertaining baby shower ideas that are quite stress-free.


Fun Yet Simple Baby Shower Ideas:

• I’m Ready to Pop!

This idea is one of the easiest baby shower themes you’ll ever find. “Ready to Pop” can mean various things which allows you to be as creative as you want to be. The word “pop” can refer to balloons, champagne, popcorn, and pop music. You can choose to decorate your baby shower using colors that you think describe the word “pop.” You can even hold parlor games that focus on pop culture or popping balloons. With this kind of theme, you definitely won’t have a hard time preparing your baby shower and pulling it off with a flourish!


• Guess the Baby’s Gender

If you haven’t told friends and family if your baby will be a boy or a girl, then one of the best baby shower ideas you should consider is hosting a “gender reveal” party. Because you don’t want to give anything away, you need to make sure that your theme is neutral – no entirely pink or entirely blue décor. Instead, you can decorate using both genders in mind. You can have the guests choose pink or blue pacifiers to show which gender they are betting on. You can have pink and blue balloons and even a cake that will contain the secret within. And it’s quite easy to split the group into two and play parlor games focused on guessing games or men vs. women topics. Because it is a “gender reveal” party, you are not constrained in any way on how creative you want to get.


• Nature-themed Baby Shower

If you’re a nature lover, then you definitely will love baby shower ideas that are “outdoorsy.” And this kind of theme is definitely not that hard to achieve. For one, you can have a picnic in the park which means you won’t need to do any decorating at all. In addition, a picnic will ensure that the atmosphere will definitely be relaxed and the food you will serve need not be complicated. If you don’t have a park nearby, then your backyard, large porch, or patio will do. As for decorating your home, you can use flowers or little potted plants as centrepieces and earthy colors to create a “near-to-nature” feel.


• Nursery Set-up Shower

One of the easiest and most helpful baby shower ideas is this type of shower. Instead of decorating for your party, your guests will be helping you decorate your nursery! Tell your guests to wear clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty. Some can help you paint the room, some will help build the crib, and some can help hang curtains or pictures. You can have some fun music playing in the background to make the atmosphere lively. You can choose to serve food to your guests once all the work is done. You can even hold a barbecue or a pool party (if you have a pool at home) to help the guests relax after a hard day’s work. With this kind of baby shower, you definitely don’t need to do much planning and you will even get to finish decorating your nursery without having to do all the work by yourself.

There are numerous other baby shower ideas that are quite easy to implement. It’s all a matter of spending a little time searching online. You can also try finding some DIY shower favors, invites, and décor that go along with the theme you’ve chosen. Most of the ones you’ll find online are quite easy to do even for someone who isn’t really into DIY. Just remember, when it comes to baby shower ideas, the best doesn’t have to be the most elaborate. What really matters is that you, your partner, and your guests have a lot of fun celebrating the little bundle of joy that will soon be arriving.


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