Benefits of Breastfeeding

Benefits of BreastfeedingBreastfeeding is actually the first best thing you can do for your baby as soon as he or she is born. It may be a challenging experience for any mom, especially for those who are going through motherhood the first time. But the benefits of breastfeeding definitely outweigh the challenges.

Now, we all know the saying “breastfeeding is best for babies.” But do we really know why that is so? According to breastfeeding facts, your breastcanada goose outlet store milk is a great source of nutrition for your baby. However, you may be surprised to learn that it has a lot more going for it than just being full of vitamins and nutrients. Check out what other benefits of breastfeeding you can look forward to with your baby:

Protection against illnesses

Aside from being full of nutrients and vitamins, your breast milk also contains a substance known as secretory immunoglobin A or IgA. Large amounts of this substance are found in your colostrum, the very first milk that you give your baby. What’s great about IgA is that it protects your baby from illnesses by creating a protective layer on the mucous membranes of your baby’s throat, nose, and intestines. And its protection is actually tailored specifically to your baby. Whatever pathogens you are exposed to are protected against so yourbuy ovo canada goose outlet baby won’t be harmed in anyway. Best of all, this protection lasts for a long time, even past the time when you are no longer breastfeeding your baby. Though scientists have yet to find out why the protection lasts, it is believed that the antibodies in a mother’s breast milk help increase the child’s immune system.

Prevents cancer

It is known to be one of the deadliest diseases. But fear not breastfeeding moms! According to studies, breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer in mothers. The longer a mother breastfeeds her baby, the longer she can enjoy this benefit of breastfeeding. Your little one is also prevented from developing a childhood cancer such as Leukemia.

Helps in releasing Oxytocin

You probably first heard about Oxytocin during your pregnancy. Yes, this hormone helps you have an easy delivery but, aside from that, it is also known as the love hormone. We may not be aware of it but this hormone is released when we engage ourselves in activities that are connected to the people we love. These activities include giving birth, hugging, sex, and even simple family bonding. Oxytocin lessens our feelings of anxiety and makes us feel calm, contented, and secure. Thus, both mother and child feel contentment during breastfeeding. That positive feeling is just one of the benefits of breastfeeding that formula milk can never replicate.

Brain development

It is every mother’s dream to have an intellectual child. Based on some breastfeeding facts, babies who are nursed by their moms tend to have higher IQs compared to those infants who are fed with formula milk. Brain development is just another one of the benefits of breastfeeding that clearly shows why you should opt to feed your infant with breast milk rather than milk formula substitutes.

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