Best Baby Books for Newborns

Why do you need baby books for your newborn? When you read a baby book to your newborn, he won’t really understand what you are reading. So why should you bother? Well, let me ask you then. Should you not bother talking to your infant since he won’t understand you anyway? Or, should not you sing him lullabies yet since he won’t understand what you are singing? Your answers to both questions (I’m sure) would be, “Of course, I should!”

The same logic applies to reading to your baby. It is okay to read to him even if he is still too young to understand what you are doing or saying. What is important is that when you read aloud to your newborn you are teaching him the skill of communication. You are also helping him familiarize himself with concepts like stories, letters, and number, even shapes and colors, in an interesting manner. In addition to increasing his vocabulary and learning more about the world he lives in, reading aloud helps your baby develop his ability to listen and remember.


5 Baby Books That You Should Read to Your Newborn

1. Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt

Baby Books - Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt
This interactive baby book was first published in 1940 and has become a constant bestseller since then. Even before Kunhardt wrote this book for Edith, her daughter who was 3 years old then, she was already a famous author of books for babies.

This book introduces your baby to an assortment of textures like fake fur, sandpaper, and more to replicate the feel of animals and other common objects. Babies and parents alike will enjoy touching this book and doing interactive activities like smelling flowers, touching soft bunny fur, looking in the mirror, feeling the scratchy face of Dad, and playing peek-a-boo.


2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Baby Books - The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

This award-winning picture book for children was first made available to the public in 1969. Eric Carle is the writer, designer, and illustrator of this book. The book traces a caterpillar’s adventure of gobbling up foods – from sweets like ice cream and lollipop to baked goodies like cake and pie.

The main attractions of The Very Hungry Caterpillar are its lively colored pictures. Carle was able to effectively incorporate simple and basic counting skills in this book as the caterpillar goes through its journey to becoming a beautiful butterfly while counting and eating snacks.


3. Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? By Dr. Seuss

Baby Books - Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You By Dr Seuss

Read this book to your baby and you are on your way to helping your child learn about the different sounds that he hears every day. He will be presented with a number of sound words (aka onomatopoeias) such as moo, choo, boom, grum, and slurp. Parents and their babies will surely have lots of fun making various cheerful and funny sounds while reading this book.


4. Baby Faces by DK Books

Baby  Books - Baby Faces by DK Books

Newborn babies like to see other babies’ faces.  This book contains photos of babies from different ethnic backgrounds showing different emotions like happy, sad, angry, etc. This book is found to be helpful in enhancing your baby’s social intellect.

The book’s size is just right for your baby’s small hands. Its soft and easily squashed cover is ideal for babies who are mouthing and teething.


5. Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Baby Books - Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

This bedtime story book is about a young rabbit who, in order to avoid sleep, says goodnight to anything and everything in his room and outside his window. It contains rhymes and employs words that have calming and relaxing tones, making the child feel sleepy as the story progresses.


Choosing Baby Books for Your Newborn:

Parents who desire to have a wide collection of good quality baby books for their babies must consider content, color, and material when choosing which baby books to buy.

For newborns, you should choose baby books that have simple and/or general content. There should be as few words as possible.  Baby books that have no text are fine because newborn babies are still unable to identify letters. Babies pay attention to pictures, particularly on human faces, from when they were born to their early months. They do not focus on a particular object yet.

Big, bright, and colorful pictures are what newborn babies love. Although their eyes are still trying to adjust to bright visual objects, they are already starting to notice clear and bold colors. Thus, the color vision and depth perception of babies are developed as they get more exposed to books.

When picking books for babies, consider the material used. Baby books made of cloth or hard and thick glossy cardboard are recommended for newborns. Books made from these materials won’t get destroyed (ripped or torn) easily. With glossy cardboards, it is easy to just wipe them clean when babies nibble or slobber over the pages. Baby books made of fabric are ideal for newborns as they can survive the pulling and flipping that newborns do when playing with books.

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