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Your babyai??i??s blood type is one of the most vital things youai??i??ll need to know about him. While it wonai??i??t be really confirmed until your baby is born, you can still find out all the possible blood types of your baby through our blood types calculator. Ai??This tool can also be used to determine the blood type of the parents by choosing the baby’s blood type.


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One of the first things you will get to learn about your baby is his or her blood type. Itai??i??s also one of the most important information you will ever need to know about your child. Knowing his or her blood type can be essential for emergencies like blood transfusions. To understand its importance, you will need to first understand what blood types are and how they work.

A personai??i??s blood type is based on the type of antigens found in his body. Having type A blood means that you have A antigens on your red blood cells and B antibodies while type B blood means having B antigens on your red blood cells and A antibodies. Type AB blood means you have both antigens and no A or B antibodies while type O blood has none of those antigens present but has both A and B antibodies.

Why is blood typing so important? Because of the antigens and antibodies present, not everyone can get a blood transfusion just from any blood type. A personai??i??s immune system will attack any donated red blood cells that have antigens different from its own. Based on the types of antigens in each blood type, type O blood is the universal donor, having no antigens present on its red blood cells. Type AB blood is the universal recipient because it has both antigens present and can receive blood that has A antigens, B antigens, or no antigens at all.

As for predicting the possible blood types of your baby, itai??i??s only a matter of genes. For blood types, both the A allele and the B allele are dominant over the O allele. What does this mean? A person with type A blood can either have two A alleles (AA) or one A allele and one O allele (AO). A person with type B blood can either have two B alleles (BB) or one B allele and one O allele (BO). People with type O blood only have O alleles. To calculate the possible blood types of your baby, our blood types calculator takes into consideration what possible allele combinations you have based on you and your partner’s blood types and creates all the possible allele combinations between the two of you. While charting it may make it visually easier to understand, those who donai??i??t want the hassle can simply use the blood types calculator, choose the information thatai??i??s correct, and click away to get the results. Just remember, while predicting the possible blood types of your baby is an easy click away, nothing beats actually having the accurate information on hand.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I was wondering if an a positive mom and an o negative father can have an o positive child? Thank you!