Breastfeeding 101

Breastfeeding 101Breastfeeding is best for babies and for moms as well. However, not all mothers who want to breastfeed are successful. There is no doubt that the benefits of giving breast milk to your baby are 070-412 vce numerous. Unfortunately, breastfeeding can be challenging, especially for first-time mothers. But with proper information and loads of support from the people around you, you can easily overcome any difficulty that you may face.

If you wish to have successful breastfeeding experiences with your baby, it is important that you know the breastfeeding basics. This information is usually discussed by your attending doctor during yourcanada goose outlet factory pregnancy to prepare you for this one-of-a-kind mothering task. However, because of the discomforts during pregnancy, you may have found it hard to grasp the idea of breastfeeding. To refresh your mind on what yourhttp://www.gooseoutlet.dkdoctor and some fellow moms have told you about breastfeeding, here is a list of what you should know:


The first time you breastfeed your baby, your body will be producing a special kind of milk called colostrum. This special milk is a yellowish, thick liquid rich in anti-bodies that will boost your baby’s immune system as well as meet his nutritional needs. This is why it is strongly encouraged to have the baby stay with his mother after delivery rather than having him staycanada goose outlet toronto factory in the nursery. As soon as the baby gets hungry, it will be the colostrum that would nourish him in his first few hours after getting out of your womb.

The Perfect Latch

Your baby instinctively knows how to suck. The problem in breastfeeding normally happens when he is not properly latched on to your nipple. One of the breastfeeding basics you should know is how to get the perfect latch. “Latching” means getting his lips and your nipple to meet in the right position. To get your baby properly “latched on”, make sure that your baby is facing you and he is comfortable. Using one hand, hold your breast and gently brush your nipple on his lower lip. Your baby’s instinct will be to open his mouth. Once he does so, place your nipple in his mouth, just right above his tongue. Both of his lips should be pursed around your nipple, his mouth covering most of your areola. You will know that you have achieved the perfect latch when he is smoothly nursing from your breast and you are feeling a slight tingling. Remember, breastfeeding should not be painful. Do not worry if your baby is having trouble latching on or staying on your nipple. Patience and practice will help you perfect the maneuver.


Tips on Successful Breastfeeding

As hard as it may seem, especially for first-time moms, there are things you can do to make breastfeeding easy. One is to have your environment be as peaceful and tranquil as possible. This will allow you and your baby to concentrate on breastfeeding and nursing without the worry of any distractions.
Another tip on successful breastfeeding is to 070-412 be in a comfortable position while nursing. Most breastfeeding moms feel comfortable while sitting upright on a chair. There are also pillows made to help moms and babies feel comfortable while nursing. Another relaxing position while breastfeeding is lying down with your baby on your side.
You should not pinch your nipple with your canada goose Banff Parka two fingers while trying to place it in your baby’s mouth as this may lead to unsuccessful breastfeeding. Your baby has the natural instinct to suck your nipples even from the touch of your breast to his cheeks.

Positioning your Baby 

It is important to know how to position your baby during breastfeeding. No matter what kind of position you choose, either sitting in an upright position or lying down, make sure that the baby’s head is fully supported by your hand. You could cup his heads with your free hand or using your forearm. It is also imperative to level his head to your nipple for him to achieve the proper latch.


You will experience some swelling in your breasts a few days after your delivery. Sometimes, it is considered as the culprit why some mothers turn their backs on breastfeeding. They cannot take the pain caused by accumulation of blood and milk. To ease the pain, the key is to breastfeed at least eight times within the day. Expressing a bit of milk before you let your baby nurse from you can also help lessen the pain caused by the swelling of your breast.

Motherhood can be a huge transformation in any woman’s life. Breastfeeding is just one of the many sacrifices mothers are willing to make just to give their baby the proper nutrition and a healthy life.

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