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Whether you’re a new mom or a soon-to-be one, you probably wondering what kind of personality your baby will have. While only time will truly tell, Chinese tradition believes that a baby’s year of birth will have a profound influence on his or her personality traits. If you simply can’t wait and see what your baby will be like, you can check out what your baby’s possible personality will be through our fun Chinese Zodiac calculator.canada goose parka womens

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Background Information and Instructions

To use our Chinese Zodiac calculator, simply choose your baby’s birthday and click “calculate”. Everyone is familiar with the Chinese Zodiac signs but not everyone knows what they mean. Each sign has a corresponding Chinese zodiac personality. And since every mom would like to know ahead of time what kind of person her baby will be, we have Chinese Zodiac for babies!

The Chinese Zodiac has 12 signs: rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. The Chinese Zodiac is based on when we were born: your year of birth based on the Lunar Calendar.

To give you an idea of what these signs signify when it comes to your baby, here is a quick rundown of each sign’s personality:

  • Rat – quick-witted, charming, funny, and sharp.
  • Ox – hardworking, serious, goal-oriented, and steadfast.
  • Tiger – charming, ambitious, authoritative, and moody.
  • Rabbit – family-oriented, sincere, compassionate, and popular.
  • Dragon – egotistic, natural born leaders, energetic, and warm-hearted.
  • Snake – analytical, dangerous, seductive, and smart.
  • Horse – enjoys travelling, money wise, and loves to roam free.
  • Goat – unorganized, thinkers, creative, and places importance on appearances.
  • Monkey – clever, active, thrives on having fun, and a heart-breaker.
  • Rooster – practical, observant, honest, and a perfectionist.
  • Dog – faithful, temperamental, dogmatic, and sensitive.
  • Pig – intelligent, nice, tasteful, and good-mannered.

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