Dreams During Pregnancy

Dreams during PregnancyDreaming is said to reflect the deepest or 350-018 dumps most repressed thoughts and feelings of a person, and the same can be said about dreams during pregnancy. One of the symptoms of pregnancy is having an increased number of dreams, and these dreams vary in intensity and vividness, depending on which trimester you’re at, the state of your body, and general pregnancy condition.

What causes more dreams during pregnancy?

One of the main factors that make pregnant women dream more than during any other part of their life is their changing hormone levels. Regardless of how much sleep a pregnant woman gets, the fact is she needs to sleep more, and the more sleep she gets, the more she dreams. Another factor is the ability of pregnant women to remember their dreams more. They tend to have disrupted sleep due to various reasons like the increased urge to pee from time to time or leg pain. These cause them to wake up in the middle of a dream which then causes greater recall.  Increased recall makes dreams during pregnancy seem more vivid, detailed, and intense.


Dreams During Pregnancy and Their Interpretations:

Dreams in the first trimester

For first time mothers, a common dream is about giving birth to grown children, which can be a reflection of how they feel regarding their pregnancy. For some, it can be the thought of having an easier time with an older child instead of a newborn. A more hopeful interpretation is the thought of having an easy birth in which the baby just seems to come out of nowhere.

Another common theme in dreams during pregnancy at this stage involves water, ranging from tiny puddles to huge bodies of water. This is due to the build-up of amniotic fluid in a pregnant woman’s uterus.

There are also dreams that revolve around buildings 350-018 or places where things are built, mirroring the baby being produced inside a pregnant woman.

Dreams during the second trimester

During this stage, expectant mothers dream more about animals, particularly baby animals like chicks, kittens, and puppies. Having them in dreams during pregnancy may be a reflection of a mother’s natural instinct to care for her young. Sometimes, these animals seem to grow or morph into bigger ones. This can mean that the mother-to-be is looking forward to rearing her child and watch them grow up.

Some dreams, though, are less pleasant. There are times that pregnant women dream about vulnerability because of the thought of losing their partner. A healthy pregnancy entails the encouragement and love of an expectant mother’s partner, so it is natural to be fearful of that loss that manifests in dreams.

Dreams during the final weeks of pregnancy

During the last trimester, pregnant women usually dream of journeys, which may refer to the uncertainty they feel about going into an unknown territory – motherhood. The characteristics of the trip may reveal what a pregnant woman feels about her upcoming role as a mother. For example, dreaming of short trips may mean she expects to give birth safely.

More specific things about the baby may also be dreamed about during this stage. Some are able to guess the sex of their baby based on their dreams. Many pregnant women also begin to dream of what their baby looks like or even pick a name from their dreams.

It is also usual for pregnant women to dream about being in control. Such dreams indicate the confidence an expectant mother’s readiness to give birth and acceptance of what’s happening to her physically.

Nightmares during pregnancy

It is natural to have nightmares, particularly about labor, and there may be a connection between labouring in dreams and labouring in reality.  Research shows that women who dreamed of difficult labor had an easier time during the actual labor, and vice versa.

Another common nightmare is losing the baby: it disappears, gets kidnapped, or comes apart. It can be scary, especially for first time mothers who worry about whether or not they will be able to fulfill their new role well. Although stressful, this kind of nightmare should not be taken literally, but rather seriously.


If you’re pregnant and you worry about many symptoms of pregnancy including your dreams, especially the nightmares, it will be helpful to find someone to talk to: your partner, doctor, a friend, or even your own mother. Dreams during pregnancy can serve as your guide to having a healthy pregnancy, giving birth, and later on, raising your child. Use them to understand and determine what you would like for yourself and for your child.

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