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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Find out when you are most likely to give birth through our due date calculator.  Knowing your expected due date can help make planning for your baby so much easier.


First day of last period (This is how most healthcare providers calculate your due date.)
Date I conceived (Few people know this to the day; choose this option only if you're sure.)
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You’ve taken the pregnancy test and it came out positive. Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Now, you’re probably wondering when your expected due date is. After all, the anticipation only gets better once you can mark D-day on your calendar. Is it 9 months from today or 9 months from when you conceived? When did you conceive? With so many questions running through Asus K56CM AC Adapter your mind, your joy just might end up dimming a little. To help you out,parajumpers norge here’s a little rundown on pregnancy 101.

The length of a pregnancy is usually calculated as 40 weeks long. Most health practitioners calculate due date using the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period and adding 280 days to get the estimated date. This is because it’s actually quite hard to pinpoint the exact date of ovulation and conception. For those who know the date they conceived (lucky you), adding 260 days to that date will give you your baby’s due date. These numbers are used in our due date calculator as well. However, it is important for every mother to know that your baby’s due date is not set in stone. This means that you can give birth anywhere between two weeks before to two weeks after your due date. Passing your 40th week of pregnancy doesn’t mean that something’s wrong. It just may be that your baby isn’t ready to get out yet. But what happens if your do pass your expected due date? Not to worry. Your doctor will be closely monitoring your progress around that time and will outline your options for a safe, healthy delivery.

Whether or not the date you mark on your calendar is spot on, our due date calculator can help give you a day to look forward to until the time you get to see your little bundle of joy.


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