Femur Length Calculator

Do you know that femur length is one of the important ultrasound measurements? The length of a fetusai??i?? femur, also known as the long bone in the human thigh, is used to determine the babyai??i??s gestational age and also serves as a soft marker for conditions such as Down Syndrome in babies. canada goose parka womens With our Femur Length Calculator, you can easily keep track of your babyai??i??s measurements and his or her rate of fetal growth.

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Throughout a motherai??i??s pregnancy, she will have to undergo one or more ultrasounds so her doctor can check how well the baby is doing. During these sessions, several ultrasound measurements are taken in order to calculate fetal growth. Femur length is one of the most crucial of these as it not only serves to help gauge fetal growth but is also used to help indicate if there is a possibility that the baby has skeletal dysplasias, Down syndrome, dwarfism, and other possible abnormalities.

It is important to note that a short femur length, even one that falls a bit low in the percentile rankings, does not always mean that your baby is going to have dwarfism or Down Syndrome. Femur length is often used as an indicator when compared to the size of the abdomen or the head. This means that if your babyai??i??s femur length is only a little behind than the growth of his other body parts, itai??i??s not significant enough to worry about. In addition, parents should be aware that the growth rate of long bones will drop off in the last trimester for most cases. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that your baby should be growing and even if itai??i??s not that high, a consistent growth rate makes a short femur length less of an indicator.

For parents who want to monitor their babyai??i??s growth, particularly the femur length, there are several charts online that you can use. You can also use our femur length calculator which can chart not only the results but also let you know how your baby fares compared to the average.Ai??While getting answers and reassurances will never ease the worry until the big D-day (delivery day), knowing more about it will help you not lose the battle to fear.

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