Tips on How to Get Pregnant Fast

Are you planning to have a baby and want to get pregnant fast? There are quite a number of ways to get pregnant including getting rid of the pill and/or parajumpers outlet condom as well as having regular sex.? Unfortunately, for some couples, doing these isn?t resulting in a happy blue line. To truly get pregnant quick, there are some other things that you need to know and do.

Visit Your Doctor and Your Dentist Parajumpers Men

Before you even start trying to get pregnant, you first need to get a checkup with your OB-Gyne or medical provider to find out if you are in a good enough shape to conceive a baby.? Having poor health, sexually transmitted diseases, and untreated infections may hinder your success in getting pregnant fast.? Your doctor will also give you some prenatal vitamins to take even before you conceive to make sure that you are in good health.? It’s better if both partners can schedule a doctor?s appointment because they may recommend several tests like a sperm count, a Pap smear, a Hysterosalpingogram test, and an ovulation test in order to find out your chances of getting pregnant right away.? Visiting your dentist for regular cleaning and checkup is also highly recommended by experts.? Having gum disease may cause preterm deliveries.? This will also ensure that your teeth won?t cause any problems during pregnancy.

Have Sex Regularly

Fertility experts advise that if you want to get pregnant quick, you need to have frequent sex, at least every other day.? Some women may have an irregular cycle while others don?t have time to check their ovulation cycle so the best thing to do is to have sex regularly to cover all the bases.? You should remember though that sex should always be enjoyable. If it becomes too stressful for either or both of you, the chances of you getting pregnant become slimmer as it can affect your fertility as well as your partner?s.

Use Fertility Monitor or Ovulation Predictor Kit

One of the more effective ways to get pregnant is to monitor your ovulation.? If you regularly have a 28-day cycle, you can count 14 days from the first day of your last period to determine your ovulation date.? To be sure, have sex around 2 days before and a day after your ovulation date. If counting is not your thing, simply use an ovulation calculator to do the counting for you. Women who have an irregular cycle should use an ovulation kit to help determine their fertile periods.? Ovulation predictor kits are used to measure the luteinizing hormone levels which generally increase prior to ovulation.? This hormone is present in your urine so it is quite easy to check.? Fertility monitors are also relatively easy to use. These measure your LH levels as well as other hormones in your body enabling you to find out your ovulation date without having to use a chart or do any guesswork.


High levels of stress may interfere with your normal ovulation. Stress can also reduce the production of sperm in men.? Thus, you and your partner should try to lessen your stress levels and find more time to relax in order to increase natural fertility.? If you feel that you are totally stressed out, try yoga, acupuncture, stress management programs, and other relaxation techniques so you can relax your mind and body and get pregnant fast.

Eat Well

To get pregnant fast, you will also need to improve your and your partner?s health.? Both of you need to eat well and take some vitamins.? Women need to take in folic acid supplements and other prenatal vitamins to improve fertility.? Doing this will also help in preventing any birth defects for the developing embryo should you become pregnant right away.? Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, organic meat, and fishes that are rich in Omega 3. Experts believe that having a healthy diet is key in improving fertility.? There are even fertility foods that you can try out to improve your chances of getting pregnant.


Aside from these, it is also important to regularly exercise so you can maintain a healthy weight.? A healthy body weight helps improve your fertility.? In addition, you also need to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and lessen or do away altogether your caffeine consumption.?? Following these tips often helps couples get pregnant fast or at least within a year of trying. If you don?t get pregnant within a year, it?s best to consult your doctor for advice.

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