My Dividend Growth Investing StrategyAs a dividend growth

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iphone 8 case Sign in / Join NowSummaryYield on cost is a great metric to measure how well a dividend growth stock is performing.In this article I review my dividend growth portfolio to compare yield on cost with current yield.Time spent invested is the best way to reap the full benefit of a dividend growth investing strategy.The key to successful investing is ensuring the money you have set aside is working hard for you. Whether you’re trying to buy low to sell high or whether you have adopted a cash flow driven strategy, the goal is to wind up with more money than you had at the outset. Foregoing consumption today for greater consumption in the future is the name of the game.My Dividend Growth Investing StrategyAs a dividend growth investor, I place the greatest emphasis on how effectively my invested dollars are providing and growing regular dividend payments. iphone 8 case

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