Parenting Tips for Introverted Kids

Parenting Tips for Introverted KidsThose with introverted kids often seek parenting tips, but may be surprised once they do receive the advice. After all, if neither of the parents is an introvert, then they may think there is something wrong if their child has very few friends, seems to shy away from too much stimulation such as crowds, or spends what they think is too much time on their own. However, it important to recognize that an introverted child is not abnormal — the seemingly quiet side is just a part of the individual personality of the child that must be appreciated and nurtured.

First of all, it is necessary to note that anyone raising kids should avoid creating labels, especially if they have negative connotations.? Therefore, a child who is considered “shy” should not be referred to that way, because it immediately imposes limits on the child who may then choose to live up to her reputation.

Secondly, it is advisable to give your introverted child the time and space that he needs to do things on his own. There is nothing wrong with your child, so don’t assume that you need to change him. Being an introvert simply means that your child draws his energy from within, making it necessary for him to have some quiet time alone to recharge. When he is ready to speak though, it is important that you give your full attention, thus helping your child understand that you will always be there if he needs to express his thoughts and emotions. This can be both reassuring and empowering for him.

Another one of the parenting tips you should keep in mind is that you should encourage your child to develop his natural gifts. Introverted people are often able to focus better, which is a good thing, especially if your kid is trying to learn a new concept or skill. Once he becomes good at something, his confidence will improve substantially.

Lastly, give your child time. Raising kids who seem to prefer quiet time alone doesn’t mean giving up on playmates and activities. Simply giving your kid time to adjust to new situations and people, as well as being present to offer encouragement, are already powerful on their own. After all, one thing that transcends all parenting tips, no matter what the personality of your child is, is offering your unconditional love and support to your children.


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