Parenting Tips for Judging Kids

Parenting Tips for Judging KidsParents who lean more towards Perceiving tendencies may especially feel the need to ask for parenting tips to help them relate with their Judging child. As a parent, you will be able to tell that you have a Judging child if he is systematic in the way he organizes his things and activities. If your child seems to like making lists and copes better if activities are scheduled in advance as opposed to if they are spontaneously introduced, then you have all the clues you need to be sure that he is more Judging than Perceiving. However, parenting kids is not about attaching labels and limiting them, so use these classifications loosely, and always with the intention of understanding and helping them.

Perceiving parents with a Judging child will most likely need the most advice on parenting a youngster who can sometimes seem more like an adult than his parents, at least in the stereotypical sense. The first step and perhaps the most important of parenting tips, no matter what the personality of the child is, is to listen and understand the needs of your child without trying to change him into someone he isn’t. Perceiving parents should note that Judging kids need to feel a sense of structure and regularity to feel secure. Parenting kids who “judge” more than they “perceive,” therefore, involves introducing a semblance of order. This does not mean that Perceiving parents should change who they are, but setting simple boundaries, giving age-appropriate responsibilities, and dedicating a regular period for a shared family activity can all assure a child that his parents are in control and care about him.

While many bits of advice on parenting Judging kids involve providing them with the structure they crave, it is also important to balance things out by injecting some spontaneity in family activities, albeit after the important or planned tasks have been completed.? Letting your child know that it’s perfectly all right to let loose once in a while may actually help him appreciate the value of structure and work even more, as he is able to feel more rewarded in the end. Lastly, even if you try to apply the parenting tips that you pick up, don’t lose out on the opportunity to learn from your child as well!


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