Parenting Tips for Perceiving Kids

Parenting Tips for Perceiving KidsNo single set of parenting tips can answer all of your questions about your Perceiving kid, but these can serve as guidelines for you to help your child, especially if both parents lean towards the judging side of the spectrum. The first piece of advice for parents is to understand how your Perceiving child thinks. Someone who makes use of his capacity to perceive more often has a tendency to be more spontaneous. He may make a decision very quickly and impulsively, or may procrastinate or delay decision-making in the interest of determining all other available possibilities. If there is at least one Perceiving parent, it may be easier for the couple to understand their child’s behavior, but if both parents are Judging, these tendencies can be quite frustrating to deal with.

Perhaps the most important out of all possible parenting tips for those with Perceiving kids is to resist the urge to take control of your child’s life. While it is reasonable to set boundaries and instill a sense of order, creating rigid rules in the home can cause a lot of stress for both the child and the parents, as the child may feel stifled and unaccepted. In fact, this may even encourage more resistance from the child. If you wish to help your child get ready for the challenges of the real world, try setting reasonable limits and explaining to your child why these are important. As your child grows in size and maturity, you can set these boundaries together, so that he understands and appreciates the responsibility better.

Another sound piece of advice for parents with Perceiving kids is to really listen to what your child has to say. Avoid being dismissive and declaring your methods as foolproof, because by understanding the way your child’s mind works, you will be in a better position to help him develop his full potential. Beyond all parenting tips, make him feel that you love, support, and appreciate him as he is, and thus,? give him the gift of confidence that will encourage him to flourish.


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