Post-Baby Body Changes You Should Expect

Post-Baby Body ChangesYou dealt with pregnancy and all it entails for nine months. That duration was probably enough to read, ask, and inform yourself on what pregnancy could do to your body. But how about the post-baby body changes? Are you parajumpers Paris prepared to see and accept what your body after pregnancy will look and feel like?

When you got pregnant, you knew that your tummy will grow as if you have just swallowed a whole watermelon. That is just one obviouscanada goose outlet online physical change in your body that all pregnant women will have to deal with. You may also have beencanada goose Calgary Jakke mænd aware for some time that your body will have stretch marks even after you give birth. However, you Parajumpers Femmes may not be aware of the other changes in your body that will occur after your pregnancy.

Remember those mixed feelings you had when you heard stories about pregnancy and delivery, especially from fellow moms? You probably felt scared and yet excited to see your little one. Now that you just gave birth and the post-baby changes in your body are happening, you probably have asked yourself why the topic did not come up at all. To tell you honestly, there are some moms who are either shy or do not care that much to share what happened to their bodies after giving birth. It is because their world now evolves more on their babies than themselves. However, knowing the changes in your body after pregnancy even while your baby is still inside your womb is imperative. This is to prepare you for the post-baby changes that might happen, not just physically but emotionally as well.

The changes in your body after your baby is born may shock you at first and then make you wonder if you’re the only one who is experiencing such things. To help you deal better with these changes, below are some post-baby body changes you should expect:

A bigger set of breasts. Some women find this as a positive change especially if they had small breasts before. The swelling of your breasts indicates the accumulation of blood and milk within. This is called engorgement which can make you feel that your breasts are full. This “fullness” can be quite uncomfortable for some women. Thankfully, breastfeeding can ease the discomfort because it allows for the accumulated milk to be discharged. However, if you are not breastfeeding, do not attempt to empty your breasts as the relief will only be temporary and your breasts will only fill up again. Instead, place cold packs on your breasts to help ease any discomfort.

The pregnant-tummy look, better known as the belly paunch. For nine months, you had a huge belly that made it almost impossible for you to see your feet while standing. It is therefore understandable that you would be eager to get back your pre-pregnancy body. Unfortunately, most of your pre-pregnant clothes will not fit you yet. It may take around 9 months or longer for you to get your belly back to what you consider normal. Your uterus will also still be enlarged. It does not just shrink back to its normal size in just a few days so you will really have to wait for about a month or more before it returns to its usual size.

Post baby bleeding. You have not experienced your menstrual period for nine months and, right after giving birth, your body seems to be  making up for the lost time. Thus, you will have to arm yourself with loads of sanitary napkins since tampons are not allowed for dealing with post baby bleeding as it can cause an infection. And unlike your normal menstruation, this discharge, called lochia, will last for several weeks. It will start out heavy and bright red. After a few days, your discharge will become pinkish and lighter in volume. After a while, the amount will be a great deal lesser and the color of lochia will be white or yellow-white.

Swollen feet. You may be surprised that after giving birth, your feet seem to be larger than usual. The cause of this swelling is the water you gained during pregnancy as well as some IV fluids you were given during your labor. The blood and water will flow down to your feet and, sometimes, even your canada goose Canada Goose dame hands. This post-baby change will be gone after a few weeks.

Hair loss. Though being a mother to a newborn can cause you to feel like tearing your hair off, it is not the cause of the hair loss you will experience after giving birth. This is just another of post-baby changes you should expect. You see, when you were pregnant, the hormone estrogen increased your hair’s life span causing more hair on your head to grow and less of it to fall. However, after you give birth, the level of estrogen decreases causing your hair to stop growing and thus fall. Hair loss usually occurs around 3 months after your baby is born but it doesn’t last forever so you needn’t worry about going bald.


Motherhood really is a tough job. It starts from having a baby inside your womb but it doesn’t end upon giving birth. The changes in your body during pregnancy are not the end of your new experiences either. You will still have to face some post-baby body changes. Fortunately, these changes are not permanent though the joy of being a mother is.

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