A How-To on Preparing for a Baby

Preparing for a BabyPreparing for a baby should be an exciting experience, but with the number of things you have to consider, it can get a bit daunting especially for new moms. Here are some ideas to help make things a bit easier:

??Get your house ready.

All your baby really needs for now is a safe place to sleep. If you are repainting a room to use as a nursery, you might sleep better if you use a brand of paint without the smelly fumes. This is also the time to decide on whether you intend to co-sleep or not, and then choose the appropriate crib or co-sleeper based on your needs. If the baby will have his own room, you will also want to get an intercom to alert you of any issues while you are not in the nursery. You may be tempted to start baby proofing the house as early as now but it?s best to do this after the baby is born as it will take several more months before he can move around the house by himself anyway.

??Get the baby’s things together.

There are countless choices for baby stuff out there so get yourself organized by coming up with a newborn baby checklist. Keep in mind that your baby does not need too many things for now. Some of the things you need to prepare if you have a baby on the way are diapers, some clothes, baby wipes, bottles (if you intend to bottle-feed), a sleeping area, and a car seat. First-time parents tend to go overboard when purchasing baby stuff but it is actually better to first stick with the basics and just add on the extras once the baby is born.

??Prepare for the birth.

Preparing for a baby goes beyond ticking off items on your newborn baby checklist. It also pays to be prepared for the actual delivery, especially for first-time parents. Decide on the type of delivery you want (whether natural, with epidural, or even a c-section) with the help of your doctor. Regardless of your method of choice, you may also find attending a birthing class very helpful. Parents who are familiar with the stages of labor and the birthing process won’t feel as lost during the actual event even if surprises occur.

While preparing for a baby, you can also write down your birth plan and discuss this with your doctor. Prepare your bag in advance, so that you can be ready to go even if the baby decides to come out a couple of weeks earlier. It is also important to choose a pediatrician before delivery. By taking these steps in advance, you can focus more on your birthing experience instead of on distractions when the big day comes.

??Prepare for life with a baby.

Having a baby on the way is wonderful, but don’t forget that it also means a major life change. Now is the time to discuss expectations with your partner as well as assign roles and tasks for when the baby arrives. First-time parents can start preparing for a baby by talking to more experienced parents and learning about their experiences. On the other hand, those with other children need to take the time to talk to the rest of the kids before the baby comes. A new baby can mean a shift in attention so preparing for a baby also means answering questions, reassuring the other kids, and dividing responsibilities among the siblings.


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