Week 10 of Pregnancy

Week 10 of PregnancyWhat exciting changes are happening to your baby during your week 10 of pregnancy? More growth and development! Your baby?s digits have finally separated and soon after their nails will grow. Hair will also start to appear. By this time, your baby?s vital organs are now fully developed. At ten weeks pregnant, you still won?t be able to feel your baby move inside you but you can bet he is kicking and moving about, especially since he now has elbows that bend. Swallowing is another activity that your baby can now do. As for size, at week 10 of pregnancy, your baby is now about as big as a prune.

Being ten weeks pregnant, you may already be showing a baby bump (yey!). You will also have started to feel your clothes become a bit tighter because of your increasing breast size and thickening waist. Your veins may become more visible because your blood supply will be increasing throughout your pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms at 10 weeks are more or less the same as it has been in the past few weeks. You?ll probably still be feeling nauseated, tired, and moody. You will also still be constipated and frequently peeing. Some new pregnancy symptoms at 10 weeks will include aches and pains in your abdomen as your baby?s growth will put pressure on your muscles, organs, and veins. You may also start experiencing headaches and sticky vaginal discharges.

During week 10 of pregnancy, you may want to start looking at doing some regular pregnancy exercises to keep yourself limber and fit as well as prepare your body for labor and delivery. It will also help keep you energized. You may also want to start looking at some loose or maternity clothes to replace the ones you feel uncomfortable wearing. Keep eating healthily and taking your vitamins. Make sure to consult your doctor should you have any questions or concerns.


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