Week 11 of Pregnancy

Week 11 of PregnancyYou might only have an almost inconspicuous baby bump to show off when you are in week 11 of pregnancy. However, at almost 3 months of pregnancy, a lot of things have been constantly happening inside you. For one, your baby?s size is now about as large as your thumb or a fig. He will start opening and closing his hands while kicking and stretching inside your womb. Your baby will also be quite busy with growing his hair follicles and fingernails. If you are expecting a baby girl, at week 11 of pregnancy, her ovaries will have started to form. If it?s a boy, he will now have started to produce testosterone.

The levels of pregnancy hormones in your body continue to surge during your week 11 of pregnancy. Such increase is necessary for your baby?s well-being. Estrogen, progesterone and other pregnancy hormones continue to prep your body for your baby?s growth and development. ?Estrogen dutifully improves your blood supply to ensure that you and your baby get the nutrients that you both need. Progesterone boosts your immune system and relaxes your muscles to make way for your baby?s growth while prolactin triggers your mammary glands to start producing milk. Unfortunately, the increase of pregnancy hormone levels comes with the possibility that you will be (or continue to be) exhibiting one or all of the week 11 pregnancy symptoms right through your nine months of pregnancy. For example, the increase of progesterone relaxes your intestinal muscles which cause you to experience constipation while the hCG hormone will cause you to feel the frequent need to pee. Other week 11 pregnancy symptoms will include nausea, fatigue, bloating, heartburn, and food aversion or cravings. The good news is some of these, such as morning sickness and fatigue, will start to fade in a week or two (yey!).

If you haven?t started browsing maternity clothes, you may want to start at week 11 of pregnancy. You will need looser clothes to make you feel comfortable including support bras and looser pants. You?ll also need to start scheduling a bit of regular pregnancy exercise into your routine. Exercising will not only help you feel more energized, it will also help ease the aches and pains in your stretching muscles as well as help your body prepare for labor and delivery.


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