Week 12 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy at 12 WeeksWeek 12 of pregnancy is the second to the last week of your first trimester. You and your baby have been through a lot of changes since week one of your pregnancy. By now, your baby will be about as large as a plum, 2-3 inches long, and constantly practicing his reflexes. He?ll be swallowing some of the amniotic fluid (icky but true), opening and closing his hands, and kicking as well as stretching his limbs. He will definitely look a lot more human with his eyes and ears now in their proper place. By the 12th week of pregnancy, most of his important organs are developed and functioning. Your baby?s kidneys are now discharging urine and his heart is diligently circulating blood throughout his body.

How about you? Body changes you may see during pregnancy at 12 weeks include a slight baby bump, a thicker waistline, bigger breasts, and maybe even a slight weight gain. It is common for a weight gain of 1-4 pounds to occur by this time. Pregnancy at 12 weeks may also be marked by heartburn, dizziness, and weird dreams. Your hormones will still be surging in your body. One of these is progesterone which relaxes your digestive tract thus causing your heartburn. The same hormone may also cause you to feel some dizziness which may have already started prior to the 12th week of pregnancy. Weird dreams, a quite normal occurrence among soon-to-be moms, are said to be the result of your worries and insecurities running wild when you are asleep. ?Occasional headaches, fatigue, and flatulence are other symptoms you might experience at week 12 of pregnancy.

You?re almost at the end of your first trimester and one-thirds through. While 6 more months may seem such a long time, you will be glad to know that some of the nuisances you are currently experiencing such as fatigue and morning sickness are soon to be an unpleasant memory. Your body and your energy will also begin to bloom. As for the other symptoms, such as heartburn, flatulence, and constipation, these can quite easily be taken care of. At week 12 of pregnancy, you may want to consider taking a Nuchal folds test, a screening test for Down Syndrome, and a blood test. The results of these can help determine the likelihood of your baby having this condition.

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