Week 13 of Pregnancy

Week 13 of PregnancyYour baby continues to grow and develop during your week 13 of pregnancy, the final week of your first trimester. He or she would now be as big as a peach ? about 2.5-3.5 inches tall and 20-25 grams heavy.? Fetal development by week 13 includes the formation of vocal cords, fingerprints, genitalia, and ribs. He will also continue to flex his arms and legs and may even now be able to suck his thumb! While he may be exhibiting all that energy at week 13 of pregnancy, it would probably be 3 more weeks before you?ll begin to feel any of it. Fetal development at the end of your first trimester will also mean that your baby?s body will by now be starting to catch up to the size of his head. In addition, his tooth sockets will now be fully in place, ready to take on the teeth that will appear around 7 months after he?s born.

You will observe that your baby is not the only one who is experiencing some changes at this point of your pregnancy. You too are continuously changing in weight and in size. Your baby?s growth during your pregnancy at 13 weeks will mean that you may now feel your expanded uterus. Some may even already have a cute baby bump. Week 13 of pregnancy is also a milestone for you in many ways. Not only will you be entering the 2nd trimester, you will also start to feel more energized and <ahem> a bit horny. The past three months of fatigue and decreased libido are no more. It is important that you enjoy these while you can because they will, unfortunately, take a u-turn at the end of your second trimester. Another positive thing about pregnancy at 13 weeks is that the risk of having a miscarriage decreases. The last, and probably the news you?ve been waiting for during the past 3 months, is the end of your morning sickness. Though there are an unlucky few who do experience nausea all throughout their pregnancy, most women no longer experience this unpleasant symptom after the first trimester.

Although you are nowhere near your delivery date, now is a good time to check out your birth plan options. This will give you enough time to identify their pros and cons and decide which birth plan is ideal for you. Ask for your doctor?s input on this matter when you see him for your week 13 of pregnancy prenatal visit.

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